British Woman Killed in Kabul for Working With Christian Charity

Gayle Williams, 34, a British citizen working with the Christian charity Serve Afghanistan was gunned down on Monday — accusing by the Taliban of spreading Christianity. The death reflects a continuing growth of Taliban actions. Williams had been pulled out of Kandahar due to the growing violence and threats in that city against foreigners.

Williams was killed Monday morning in a drive by shooting.

She had only recently arrived in Kabul and the organization says that it does not preach Christianity as part of its charity work.

This crime follows the killing of at least 30 people on a bus, including some beheaded by the Taliban, here.

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4 thoughts on “British Woman Killed in Kabul for Working With Christian Charity”

  1. Dear all ,

    I was very shocked and sad when i heard that G Williams
    shoted on drive by the gunmen, as iam a christain afghan living in afghanistan,I ask you brothers and sister please pray for afghan christains to be protected


  2. This sad story is related to the fact that we took our eye off the ball and vacated Afghanistan in order to ramp up for the war in Iraq. I am surprised that the charity would allow their workers to be working in such a dangerous environment. The Taliban is well known for their brutality. Today they took 30 people off a bus and beheaded most of them and claimed they were soldiers dressed in civilian garb. These are the guys that George W. and Bush allowed to regroup when they attacked Iraq.

  3. To be perfectly honest, how many people actually have the strength and bravery to go to another country and preach to others what they feel is the truth? I admire her for her faith to do so.

    Many Christians say that they preach God’s word, but how many would actually put themselves in danger in order to bring Christianity to others?

    How many people would put themselves in harms way to teach anyone what they believe is righteous and true? I’m not just talking about religion either.

    How many of us actually have the bravery to stand up for what we believe in when push comes to shove? How many of us would back down and say we believe otherwise or think otherwise if our very own life was threatened?

    This woman is definitely a woman of faith. Whether or not you are a Christian, you;d have to agree on that one.

  4. Hi,

    I was very touched by the life story of Gayle Williams, I have a website where i encourage common women (like me) round the world to post their life experiences. It is for others to read and be inspired.
    In that way you can bond too. I am interested to post Gayle’s story on my site, if it is ok with you, with her picture.

    I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.


    Glory Christian

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