Catholic Bishop Suspended After Adopting 26-Year-Old Woman

Bishop John Thattungal, 58, raised a few eyebrows when he announced that he had decided to adopt in the Catholic church where celibate priests are married to the bride of the Church. Parishioners in India were even more surprised when they adopted child turned out to be a 26-year-old woman.

Thattungal has now been suspended by remained adamant that he did the right thing. According to ews reports Thatthungal stated “I have only fatherly love toward the woman who has spiritual powers. This relation is giving me spiritual refreshment.”

It appears that the Church is not comfortable with this type of “spiritual refreshment.”

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One thought on “Catholic Bishop Suspended After Adopting 26-Year-Old Woman”

  1. I will have to remember that line, “I was only getting spritual refreshment from her”! I hope the church didn’t take this action merely because the refreshment was being received from a woman and not an altar boy.

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