Shooting the Wise Guy: McCain Supporter in Ohio Shoots Teenager Who Knocked Over Campaign Sign

Kenneth Rowles, 50, was charged in Ohio with felonious assault after he shot at two teenagers who had knocked over his McCain campaign sign. Patrick Wise, 16, had kicked the sign and then ran to a waiting SUV. Rowles fired a rifle three times at their fleeing SUV, hitting the vehicle all three times and wounding Kyree Flowers, 17.

The incident occurred on October 28th when the teenagers kicked over the sign and Wise yelled, “This is for Obama.” Rowles then went off the deep end and grabbed his rifle.

Rowles’ conduct after the shooting is equally reprehensible. Rather than reporting the shooting where he clearly shattering the window of the vehicle and likely injured the teenagers, Rowles called to report earlier incidents of being vandalized. It seems clear that he realized that he was a moron looking at a criminal charge and wanted to build a case for his actions.

One cannot protect property — even McCain signs — with force calculated to cause serious bodily injury or death. Even under castle doctrines, this would be fit the definition of protecting a domicile. This is why (in addition to basic dictated of morality and logic) that Obama supporters have been arming themselves with video cameras to combat the same problem. It has been much more effective in dealing with people in this country who cannot express their political views without trying to silence the views of others. While these are teenagers, they are old enough to know better. That is not however an invitation for gunning them down in the name of political speech.

His best hope is a pardon if McCain wins, but I would not count on it either way this election goes. However, he will be allowed to vote since any conviction would occur after the election.

For the criminal complaint, click here.

For the full story, click here.

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  1. How about a little objectivity. There have been several incidents of Obama supporters, violently lashing out at conservative people trying to make there voices heard. The one thing that everyone has seem to forget in this country republicans and democrats alike is personal responsibility. The use of a gun in this case is simply uncalled for, but that is why we have a criminal justice system. this man will be prosecuted and that will be the end of it. However maybe if we do a better job of teaching or kids and ourselves that we are the sum of all our life choices people may start taking a few seconds to stop and really considered what they are doing and how there actions will effect them in the future.

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