Elizabeth Dole Accuses Opponent of Being “Godless” to Save Sinking Campaign

Sen. Elizabeth Dole appears unwilling to simply run on her faith. She is now running an ad that accuses her opponent state Sen. Kay Hagan of being “godless” because she was seen in the company of atheists at a fundraiser. Hagan is now taking legal action to stop the political ads. Despite a cultivated image of Southern charm, Dole has now shown that she will sink to any low to get reelected. However, Hagan will have a very tough time getting a court to regulate political speech.

I was just in North Carolina and Sen. Elizabeth Dole is clearly in trouble. Listed as one of the least effective senators in Congress and barely visiting her state in the last six years, Dole is viewed as the poster child for a Beltway insider who is out of touch with her state.

The godless attack is based on a news report that Hagan’s attended a September fund-raiser in Boston. The event, co-hosted by about 40 people, was held at the home of the author Wendy Kaminer and her husband, Woody Kaplan. Kaplan was on the advisory board of the Godless Americans Political Action Committee, which supports the separation of church and state. However, the event was not sponsored by the committee.

The TV ad prominently shows Hagan while airing a comment from one the organization’s leaders saying, “There was no Jesus.” The announcer says “A leader of the Godless Americans PAC recently held a secret fundraiser in Kay Hagan’s honor. . . .Godless Americans and Kay Hagan. She hid from cameras. Took godless money. What did Hagan promise in return?”

Even in this mean-spirited campaign season, this is something for the scum bucket. What is remarkable is the lack of condemnation from other politicians. Dole seems to have taken a lesson from the campaign consultants for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is not clear whether Dole wants to beat Hagan as an opponent or burn Hagan as a witch in this frenzy of faith-based politics.

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40 thoughts on “Elizabeth Dole Accuses Opponent of Being “Godless” to Save Sinking Campaign”

  1. If one has read and studied our American constitution,we understand what separation of Church and State means.It means all Americans have freedom of worship.I may not agree with another persons religion,but I understand the other person does not have to agree with mine! I think the key word here is RELIGION.Being religious does not mean Christianity. Again, political agendas have no right courting religions and hot button issues.I think anti abortionists need to camp out on Supreme Courts steps to protest this issue.I too am anti abortion,I could not have an abortion myself,BUT,I don’t have the right to dictate my views on another person.

  2. It is time for Americans to stand up and DEMAND that separation of church and state be honored in this country.I am Cristian Catholic and I am tired of the evil religious right using God for their filthy political agendas and political power. JESUS CHRIST,that I believed in as a child and believe in still today does not commune with evil,self serving,judgemental, do anything to win election,bigots.The past 28 years has saw a country manipulated into denying that this kind of filth is going on,thanks to highly paid spinmeisters on radio talk shows.The republiucan party used to stand for fiscal responsibility.Today,they know they can’t win elections on their agenda’s,because they have no decent agenda for our country.War proffiteering,stealing elections,dividing elections using hot button issues such as abortion,when we have a conservative U.S. supreme court who could have overturned Roe.vs.Wade years ago,along with state Supreme Courts who could have done the same.Abortion is used as a hot button issue to divide the electorate.And taxes? We will always have taxes.Taxes are not the problem.Misuse and abuse of taxes are the problem.The latest state blowup in filthy politic abuse is North Carolina with Elizabeth Dole runningan ad stating her opponent Kay Hagen in Godless.Filthy and disgracful.Dole later stated that she only wanted to retain a kind of life of faith in God and values.I think what she really means is to stay WAY BACK,to how life was many years ago.Again more hate and divison.I believe her ad was evil,Godless and that she needs a true Christian awakening at her 72 years.

  3. I’m be happy to feed my Maine Coon kitties and my pups come Chow Time!

    You won’t mind if I feed my other domestic farm pets – my prize horses, cattle, goats, pigs, roosters, chickens, ducks, and geese first, though, would you now?

    I love them, too…

  4. For everyone who is totally discusted with Dole’s add attacking Hagen. Here is her campain number. 704-633-0014

    Call it and let them know they are out of line.

  5. Seamus,

    This is your cross to bear as a man of God. I’m sorry about your wife and son. They probably will go to hell. Maybe if you pray more for them that won’t happen.

  6. Seamus is code for ‘assume’

    And where I come from a big brown nose spells something else
    – entirely…

  7. Dearest Jill,

    Most people find that my logic is as sharp and inescapable as steel-jawed bear trap. Good-hearted people everywhere find that they MUST agree with everything I say at all times.

    Sadly, my wife and son are apparently not good-hearted people and no doubt will burn in Hell forever with the McCains, the Pope, and paste-eaters of every ilk.

  8. Lindy Lou, I’m not even going to dignify that with a response except to provide this little gem – which I came across last night.

    Remember (saint) Bartleby(at your service) a/k/a Cro’Magnon’man who did nothing more than try to start ridiculous arguments with anybody and everybody? On the first day, he attacked me and my dead ancestors for no reason, and because I stood up for them and myself by telling him to get lost, Jill took it as an opportunity to encourage him to stick around and become her new BFF.

    It’s not I who is ‘threatened’…


    FYI, just because my great grandparents were wealthy, at one time, doesn’t mean that what I have been able to achieve was handed to me.
    Quite the opposite.

    My WASP grandfather married a French Catholic.
    Quite the family scandal in those days…

  9. It is people like Marianne that need to be feared. Not Atheists.

    Elizabeth Dole,

    I demand you step down and apologize to the American people for your ignorance, hypocricy, and bigotry that you had displayed with your recent add. How dare you portray the Atheist’s like a bunch of corrupt CEO’s. By the way, you are no better then Hagen if you have received moneys from any corperations, or religions.

    You are not fit for the job.

  10. Marianne:

    I was getting upset with you then I read this statement you made:

    “Liberals vote for abortion in any form for any reason – even if the baby is already born but not wanted.”

    You are obviously a third grader in need of adult supervision so one can hardly bear you any malice, but pray tell even as a ten year old thinker, did religion make you this stupid or do you credit genetics?

  11. Great goin’!

    THANKS, Jill! Leave the door WIDE open and let all the flies in…

    YOU are the ‘stupid idiot’ if you think anybody here, with a half a brain, believes you are only naturally and genuinely interested in what other people think…

    I don’t buy it – you being from WV, not OH, and bein’
    ‘trailer trash’ (your term) ‘n all…

    Get off the stage…!!!

    p.s. I, too, lived in West Virginia. My father was a general surgeon there for a couple of years, when I was very youn – before we moved to Pennsylvania.

  12. Gyges,
    You stole my thunder. Marianne spent alot of time and space to tell us that the Constitution demands that Christians are the rightful heirs to the throne in heaven and in Washington, DC. Where in the Constitution does it say that you have to send your kids to public school?? Where in the Constitution or civil rights laws prevent Alleged Christians from expressing their religious views? If that was true, haven’t you just committed a crime? Obscenity is illegal, by the way. However, your definition of obscenity is likely to be different from the rest of us who actually believe in the Constitution. The Separation of Church and State is also in place to prevent you or others from establishing a national religion. One more question. Does the Bible outlaw torture of prisoners? I can remember the good Benedictine nuns telling me that Jesus was a peaceful soul who also wanted us to help the poorest in our society. McCain doesn’t seem too interested in helping the poor and McCain wants to bomb Iran who has not attacked us and he also voted to allow the CIA to torture our prisoners after voting to stop our armed forces from torturing. WWJT? (Who would Jesus torture?) Why don’t you just go to your church, which you are allowed to do and light some candles and pray for our redemption. That way we both will be helped. Those of us who vote for Obama will be picking the best candidate for our secular country and if your prayers work, we will be forgiven for our sin of voting for the one candidate who is trying to help us all.

  13. Marianna, in responce to your latest reply.

    You totally agree that there should be no violence? You will be voting for a canidate that promotes the violence in a county that had nothing to do with 911. What does hes say about Iran? Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran. You better think hard about what your canidate for president might do. By the way, I am not saying that I am for or agaist this but needed to point that out to you.

    You say that politics are in your religion. Well get this. Whaaaa!
    Non-believers have to deal with your religion on a daily basis whether they like it or not. Not with just everyday life but in politics too. Check out the Trial of Dover Pennsylvania. How the Christians of a PUBLIC school board burned a childs myral of the evolution of man and then did there best to make the Biology teachers teach Creationism in the form of Intelligent Design. That didn’t go well. There is a reason for keeping church and state seperate. Not everyone in this country are christians.

    Abortion should be kept legal. If you think it is wrong then don’t do it. And if you raised your children to keep their pants up, skirts down and legs crossed you should have nothing to worry about. Your a christian, with christian values. Pass it on to your offspring.

    You talk about “lax pornography” Take a good look at what your catholic brethrens did to all of those children. THAT MAKES ME SICK! Your religion teaches that it is ok to sin as long as you repent or get saved, or what ever. GIVE ME A BREAK. Some of the biggest dirt bags I know are self proclaimed CHRISTIANS.

    Boo Hoo I get bashed for being a Christian. Try being a christian in a Muslim world. Better yet try being Athiest in a Christian world. I can not speak of which I believe without getting persecuted or told I will be prayed for. I get harrassed on the road because of my Darwin sign on the back of my truck. There are some Christians I know that I would not dream of telling that I am an Atheist for the fear of what would happen. Most of your people are not nice. What do you think you would do if I told you I was Atheist and believed in abortion to your face? Christians are the most judgemental people I know.

    Christian Pastors should have their funding cut if they want to start talking about morals. I don’t think they should be funded at all. My beliefs are not funded.

    If you don’t want your children watching great classis such as Family Guy or other programs then boot the behinds off of the couch and out the door to play. Americans are too fat anyway. By the way, I don’t subscibe to any cable or satelite TV. You all can live with out it. Try reading. It is better anyway. I also like some of the shows with obscenities in them. Nothing is sacred with Family Guy and it is Hallarious.

    You are probrably one of those Christians that oppose Abortion and birth control. If that isn’t the most idiotic belief then I don’t know what is. This belief totally irresponcible. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want to cut down on abortions then birth control will help to do that. Sex education is a good way to inform children of childbearing age what can happen during sex and how to prevent it. I don’t care if you think that your child shouldn’t have sex until their married. The fact of the matter is more then likely they will. Whether you like it or not. You will not have control of that.

    If you were refering to Biology being taught in schools instead of Intelligent Design then you had better come up with the Math & Science proving that we were created. The Math & Science is there for Evolution. If you don’t like that then send your children to a private or Christian school. I don’t want to hear that you don’t have the money to do that. If you can’t afford it then maybe you should have waited to have children. Can’t feed em, Don’t breed em.

    Why do you think our ancestors left England? Our ancestors wanted religious freedom. They didn’t agree with the church. I am thankful they have the courage to do that. I don’t have to be controlled by the church or any other institution. By the way some of you so called Christians could learn a few moral values from me. I do the right thing not because I am afraid of going to hell but because it is the right thing. I don’t need the church dictating what is right and wrong.

    I also noticed that you didn’t respond to my other replies. That’s ok. You are probrably afaid of going to Hell if you do. Afterall I’m an Atheist. Remember how Dole portrayed us. I am not afraid of you and will always stand up to folks who think that their religion is absolute truth based on magic and superstition. My people and I are the minorities in this and have every right to challenge you.

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