Bush Seeking To De-Regulate Environmental Protection

After years of de-regulation led to the current financial meltdown, the Bush Administration is now promising to re-regulate the industry. However, it is quietly moving to de-regulate environmental protection laws. These regulatory changes violate a core tradition in American politics. At the end of an Administration, sitting presidents have declined to make major changes or issue new policies that bind the incoming president. Here, Bush is seeking to rollback on environmental rules to cause years of delay before any new president can fully protect the environment.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Administration is working on a wide array of federal regulations to weaken environmental controls and regulations. They would ease controls over commercial ocean-fishing activities, remove or reduce controls on emissions of pollutants that contribute to global warming, rollback drinking-water standards and lift a key restriction on mountaintop coal mining.

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13 thoughts on “Bush Seeking To De-Regulate Environmental Protection”

  1. Bush hater?


    But that’s what you deserve when you commit treason, send our troops into an illegal and ill-advised war for a profit motive, circumvents Congress with illegal use of signing statements and violate the Constitution.

    It has nothing to do with him being a conservative (although he’s not) or a Republican (RINO, fascist is a better label). It has to do with him being a CRIMINAL. He’s no better than a serial killer. He just let’s others get their hands dirty because he’s a coward. Actually, he may be WORSE than a serial killer. They are at least driven by compulsion where he is driven by greed and stupidity.

    You don’t like people harshing on your boy, Mary? Get over it or don’t back criminals. Those are your choices. And get ready for worse to come. There will be a reckoning as long as I draw breath to fight evil men like these. Count on it.

  2. TS,
    I hear that Bush hater language all the time and I always tell people that I don’t hate Bush. I just hate what he has done to the country with his warrantless wiretapping and his torturing of prisoners in violation of domestic and international law. It certaintly is time for a change.

  3. Calm down, Mary. You guys have had eight years to screw up the world, now let someone with an above room temperature IQ have a shot at it. By the way, I promise you nothing Clinton deregulated stood to further pollute the planet….oh, yeah, or maybe you don’t agree with global warming. Well, luckily for us, those people are heading south soon. And get off of the Bush hater thing. I hate stupidity and incompetence. Time for a change.

  4. Mary, Mary,
    It is time for you to wake up to the realization that the end of the Bush era is near and your angry Sen. McCain will be back in the Senate so that he can vote once or twice a year.
    Bart Gelman’s book is excellent. I am reading it now and I am amazed at how quickly Cheney was thinking of torture after 9/11. The clock hadn’t even turned to 9/12 before Cheney called for his chief executioner, his legal counsel, David Addington to try to find out how far they could go.

  5. What a bunch of crock. Bill Clinton pushed 161 different deregulation issues in his last four months in office.

    You naive and ignorant Bush haters are going to be in a surprise come Wednesday; McCain has this election sewn up.

    Can you IMAGINE the anger at him for wasting over 650 MILLION dollars of supporters money and getting NOTHING for it! Obama won’t be able to show his face in a Walmart even.

    Can you imagine Teddy Kennedy’s anger now that he knows that Baracks buddy Bill Ayers wrote a book on destroying America in 1974 and dedicated it to Sirhan Sirhan, the guy who assassinated Ted’s BROTHER ROBERT F KENNEDY! Teddy has to feel pretty bad about pushing Obama as the nominee after all this garbage.

  6. what happens to regulations that are made by an outgoing administration? is it a matter of the next admin having to go through the process of changing them? or do they make their sunset dates?

  7. The socio-pathology of Bush’s behavior became apparent when he joked about searching for WMD’s under his desk and laughing about it in a film played at a Press Club dinner. The greater pathos can be attributed to the press attendees, who laughed right along. The decent response would have been silence as everyone walked out….but, press complicity is a whole other issue. As glad as I am to send Bush back into an alcoholic stupor in the Texas desert, I’m equally afraid of another election being stolen.

  8. Hey rcampbell,

    It’s the voting season. I vote they’re both criminals. Those are two scary dudes!!! It’s too bad cheney isn’t lazy like bush. Things would have gone better if he was.

  9. Jill

    Where there may be some question about the sociopathic nature of Bush, there is no such question about the criminally psychotic psychopathic Cheney.

  10. Once these hit the Federal Register these can only be overturned by Congress and I don’t have much faith in that group. Bart Gellman’s book shows clearly that cheney took over this area, put his own people and philosophy in place and counted on bush not to care. Mission Accomplished.

    I am hoping that there may be some challenge by virtue of the fact that they’re supposed to take into account public input and do cost/benefit anaylsis before ordering the legislation. As they did neither, there may be a basis for a legal challenge, but I’m not certain of this.

  11. “What is wrong with this man?”

    At the very least, he’s a grown-up petulant child. More concerning is that there may well be some sociopathic tendencies as well.

    Does he realize the consequences of what he’s doing?

    If so, does he not care about those consequences?

    Are those consequences both environmentally and olitically his deliberate intention?

    Would he take such an unusual, and some would say drastic, action just to be spiteful?

    Regardless of which is the answer, I feel it speaks poorly about his mental health and stability.

  12. Mr. Turley, we teach photography workshops and we’re based in central Maryland. We have had some pretty high profile people from the government as our workshop clients and none of them have any idea what Mr. Bush and his closed coterie of confederates are doing. This latest flurry of deregulations begs the question, “What is wrong with this man?”

  13. This is the perfect punctuation to a criminal and disgusting 8 years in office for this war criminal. Doesn’t the Bible require Man to be good stewards of the Earth? I guess corporate greed and influence even beat out the Bible in Bush’s sick mind. I hope the damage he has done can be repaired relatively quickly. His regime is purposely doing whatever it can to shackle the next President so that the Republicans can then try to blame his successor for many problems that will be caused by Bush. This man should be behind bars.

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