Carbon Politics: Save the Polar Bears, Eat an Illegal Alien?

In this increasingly bizarre political season, this one is off the charts. An anti-immigration group has linked illegal immigration to global warming. The video explains that their carbon footprint would be lower if they remained in their original countries.

It is a curious take on the global warming debate. Does this mean that we should select who comes into the country legally by their prospective carbon footprint? If Europeans use more energy, should we favor immigrants from Fiji or Tibet? Presumably, these illegal immigrants have a higher carbon footprint in the United States because they become more like us. Perhaps the solution is to have all immigrants accepted but insist that they remain in their original countries to save the planet.

The report makes illegal immigrants akin to pollution point sources, bringing little point source pollutants over the border.

The next stop will be a call for people to save the polar bear by actually eating an illegal immigrant. Consider the carbon footprint in that transaction.

For the video, click here.

    For more on the controversial claim, click here.

8 thoughts on “Carbon Politics: Save the Polar Bears, Eat an Illegal Alien?”

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  2. Jonathan, Rafflaw and Charity,

    I guess you don’t understand the logic. Immigrants take on the American lifestyle when they come to this country. Since Americans use more energy than the immigrant’s original country, their carbon footprint increases.

    I don’t think it is too hard to assume that the overall U.S. carbon footprint will increase with increasing population. So if we eliminate illegal immigration, we help the planet by reducing the overall carbon footprint from the U.S. Of course that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do more here in the U.S. by building and installing more wind generators, nuclear power plants, and solar panels. Plus there is a lot of conservation methods that could be implemented with better designed buildings, LED lights, etc.

    There may be another factor. By providing an outlet for overpopulation in the illegal immigrante’s, further population increases are encouraged. Also, the average family size of the illegal immigrant’s family is larger once they get to the U.S., again increasing the overall planet carbon footprint.

    Now do you understand the logic? You probably don’t. God help us. Making a statement saying the corollary logical conclusion is to eat an illegal alien really speaks poorly of your intelligence.


  3. ILLEGAL MEXICANS are Dostroying our American Culture!!!…
    Barrow County GA. is a sanctuary county…they put more protection on the ILLEGAL MEXICAN than the American Citizen. I was told this by a Police Officer in Winder GA.

  4. rafflaw, I was about to say the same thing. People are going to use resources wherever they may live, right?

    I mean, perhaps you might use a car more if you lived in the Midwest US, where you need to drive farther to get to everything, but it can’t result in THAT big a difference.

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