No You Can’t: Obama Supporter Celebrates Victory by Shooting Gun 18 Times in Home — Showering Neighbors with Bullets

17899166_200x150While Barack Obama insisted that he would not take your guns away, he may want to make an exception for James G. Dewalt, 34. In Burlington, Vermont, Dewalt was so excited that Obama had won that he fired his Russian-made .22 caliber rifle 18 times in this home — sending bullets into neighboring homes.

Dewalt now faces three counts of reckless endangerment after being called to the residence at 7 am. They found holes in an apartment building. They just had to follow the holes to find Dewalt, who may have to miss the inauguration for the safety of the public at large.

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14 thoughts on “No You Can’t: Obama Supporter Celebrates Victory by Shooting Gun 18 Times in Home — Showering Neighbors with Bullets”

  1. Civility?

    Did you see any of McCain’s ads? Hear any of Palin’s rabble-rousing? Did you hear any shouts about “Kill him!” when McCain’s name was mentioned at Democratic rallies like you did when Obama’s name was mentioned at Republican rallies?

    Obviously not.

    Thanks for your service, but if you think the Republican party as it stands today is anything more than a rude, arrogant and semi-criminal (in some instances, professional criminal) organization, you’re wrong. Some people are more susceptible to propaganda than others. Sorry, but you seem to be one of the afflicted.

  2. USMC,

    I am a veteran, a father, a 30-year registered Republican, and I think your views are very misguided, especially given Mr. Bush’s abject failure as Commander in Chief along with every other presidential duty with which he failed.

    An untested, although intelligent and thoughtful Obama is far better than an ill-tempered Napoleonic-complex warmonger like McCain.

  3. Joe Biden was wrong. The thugs of the world did not wait 6 months to test Barack Obama – they waited 6 hours. Today Russia announced they are moving missiles to the Poland Border. Additionally, Hamas launched more than 35 missiles at Israel.

    It will be interesting to see what a President Obama does any different than President Bush, and I doubt it will be very little except to raise your & my taxes and tell us the country can’t afford the tax cut he promised during the election.

    Interestingly, I haven’t seen any “Obama is not my President” screaming Republicans. I haven’t seen rants that the “election was stolen”, but I did see President Bush offer to make Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff HIS OWN CHIEF OF STAFF to facilitate the transition.

    Tomorrow, Barack Obama will be a different person tomorrow, the day he reads his first “Presidential Daily Briefing” on the threats to this country. That person will either be one that says “we cannot prevail with these threats to us” or he will harden and understand that this great country will win over these threats. That will be the greatest test of his life.

    Tonight Retired General Tommy Franks reminded us that the military of this country, including TWO SONS OF MINE, swear allegiance to the United States of America and to their Commander in Chief, the President of the United States, regardless of their political beliefs.

    Parents of military are terrified but accepting of the fact our sons & daughters lives are entrusted with an untested inexperienced young man that has been elected President while you all still suffer from some form of irrational BDS based on what the media tells you the rest of the world thinks of us or Bush. I would guess in maybe no more than 6 months the media will be whining that Obama is the reincarnation of Bush. The election is behind Obama, now he was to govern and protect. The BS talk is over.

    PS. Hours ago Iraq announced Obama had indicated to Iraqi leaders that there would be no change in policy towards Iraq that would lend to instability in Iraq, including troop withdrawals. Funny how the right decisions get repeated when the election is over and the rhetoric is behind us.

    God Bless America. God Bless the US Marines. God Bless the US Air Force. God Bless President Elect Obama & President Bush!!!!

    Most certainly, this election resoundly proved once again Republicans & conservatives are the party of civility.

  4. Let’s just put the guns away and save them for legitimate hunting purposes. I am just glad that there was no violence in Grant Park last night. Two of my daughters were there and they said it was an amazing experience. I have seen estimates of between 250,000 to 1 million people and there were no arrests. Good job Chicago and Chicago Police Department.

  5. Gyges,

    There are a number of possibilities ranging from frightening to truly terrifying. Here are some:

    1. if the gun was purchased from an estate sale or at an in-state gun show, the purchase may honestly qualify as local and possibly unregistered. If the purchase occurred in this manner and the buyer brought his own bag, preferably cloth-he is s socialist.

    2. if the purchase was at Wall-Mart with deep discount pricing then, A. he is a crypto-capitalist. While at first glance, buying a Russian weapon may seem unamerican, the U.S. probably furnished the gun maker with the funds, (possibly the parts), through a private contracting company, marginally registered in the U.S., or possibly a CIA front company. It thus only appears socialist but is in fact, good old American enterprise. B. but suppose the purchase is made at Wall-Mart deep discount price and the buyer uses a plastic bag provided by the store at checkout? This may mean he is a deep cover socialist, in which case everyone should be very, very afraid.

  6. The Russian gun may mean he is a crypto-capitalist. Those guns are cheaper than the American made ones, at least at Wal-Mart. No socialist is going to look for a cheaper product. They would definitely buy local.

  7. Gyges,

    I was thinking it was all the proof I needed that both he and his supporters where all terrorists!

  8. Wait a second, he was using a RUSSIAN Gun. That’s all the proof I need that Obama’s a socialist.

  9. Celebratory gunfire in a crowded apt. building. Are you certain that’s not O.K.? You sound like a wet flinter to me.

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