Fox Trot: Arizona Woman Runs One Mile With Rabid Fox Clamped on Arm

thumb_fox_red_foxIn Prescott, Arizona, Michelle Felicetta was jogging when she was attacked by a rabid fox, which locked on to her arm. The woman ran a mile with the fox clamped on her arm to get to her car. She then dislodged the animal, threw it into her trunk, and drove to the hospital.

Felicetta said that she thought the fox had rabies and wanted to hold on to it. She wrapped it in a sweat shirt after forcing its jaws open at the car.

The animal later attacked an animal control officer before it was tested and proved positive for rabies.

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Both the officer and woman were treated for rabies.

8 thoughts on “Fox Trot: Arizona Woman Runs One Mile With Rabid Fox Clamped on Arm”

  1. Why did she wait until she reached the car before taking off the sweateror at lest trying?

  2. This just in:

    Since the bite victim, Michelle Felicetta, could have easily began treatment for rabies while testing herself for same in lieu of killing the fox, PETA is currently organizing a protest in the form of a blockade to prevent any further treatment of Ms. Felicetta.


  3. rafflaw,

    This is the real story behind Sara’s not knowing certain basic information. She didn’t throw the fox in the trunk, she ate it.

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