Obama Goes to the White House, You Go to Hell: Catholic Priest Asks for Penance from Parishioners Who Voted for Obama

17975580_240x180This was not mentioned on those voting machines. It appears that if you voted for Obama as a Catholic, you need to go to confession and do penance for your electoral sin. Otherwise, Obama will go to the White House and you will go to hell — at least in Greenville, South Carolina. Just ask Rev. Jay Scott Newman.

The Rev. Jay Scott Newman of St. Mary’s Catholic Church told that his parishioners that they should not take Communion until they do penance for supporting “the most radical pro-abortion politician ever to serve in the United States Senate or to run for president.” However, he noted that the Vatican will not permit him to refuse the sacrament to suspected Obama voters.

Now this is an interesting twist on laws that prevent people from forcing others to disclose their votes to offer either rewards or penalties for voting for particular candidates. Damnation or salvation is not the typical bottle of booze or free meal, but it will do. There is also that little matter of tax exemption based on non-political activities.

Of course, it could have been worse Rev. Newman could have had John McCain’s image actually embossed on the communion wafers.

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24 thoughts on “Obama Goes to the White House, You Go to Hell: Catholic Priest Asks for Penance from Parishioners Who Voted for Obama”

  1. Listen up. SIN IS SIN. The TRUE CHURCH is perfect and holy and all who are a member of that CHURCH are now seated in a place out of GOD ALMIGHTYS way. The body of Christ is a Holy Priesthood and is hidden from all those who love a lie. The Wrath of GOD is about to come on every human being who lives on the face of the earth except the true Church. So go ahead and vote for the man who sits in the most powerful seat on earth that thumbs his nose at the WORD of GOD. O yes If a man lay with man as a women both shall be put to death. That is what the bible says about homosexuality. And Jesus said the laws of moses will always be in affect till heaven and earth pass away. And by the way when GOD shut the door on NOAHS ARK guess who got the last laugh then.

  2. Michael,

    I agree with everything you just said.

    To me, growing up, Rome always seems a little out of touch with the reality of the modern world. And they lost members because of it, including myself. And I played guitar at our Folk Mass when I was a teenager!

    But somehow they didn’t seem as crazy as the Baptists in the south.

    I have a few complaints myself about religion, in general,
    believe it or not. That’s also why I’d like to see it kept out of our politics which has plenty to complain about all on its own.

    One of my favorite sayings is “Church is place for sinners’ 😉

  3. Patty,
    I was talking on the macro-religious level and certainly wasn’t singling out the Church as being any more culpable. However, as I’ve written elsewhere, I grew up surrounded by my parent’s Catholic friends and in my adult life have many friends who are Catholic. I’m well aware that many in the Church take it “cafeteria” style. As do many predominately Catholic countries like Spain and Italy. In truth, while as a Jew I have certain historical complaints about the Church, in today’s world from the outside it looks to me that the Church is a lot more deserving of praise than many of the Evangelicals.

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