Christian University Official Arrested for Sex Crime

A leader of a local Christian University is facing sex charges. Robert Williams is the Chief Financial Officer of Cincinnati Christian University has been arrested for sexual imposition — grabbing an undercover cop in a sexual manner.

According to the police report, Robert Williams entered the victim’s vehicle and “manually stimulated” the victim. He faces one misdemeanor count of sexual imposition.

Due an ongoing problem of men soliciting sex from men at the park, police regularly conduct sting operations in this area.

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5 thoughts on “Christian University Official Arrested for Sex Crime”

  1. What if this was a younger person and not an “adult”. Where are your mindsets?? These people who hide behind their religions and are molesters really ticks me off! Yep trust the religions that tell you to not fornicate etc.. GESH!

  2. You do mean that a University official was arrested…

    Not the university itself, right?

    gotta love your fundies though…

  3. Hey if they’re grown adults and they choose to have sexual relations with random men they meet, then it’s their choice.

    I agree rafflaw, I’d rather see them do undercover drug deals or set up perverts trying to meet young kids.

  4. We all know how serious this crime wave is that is hitting the park. I for one wish these undercover cops were busy going after the drug dealers and other more serious offenders. I wonder how long the policeman waited before he ended the “stimulation”?

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