Hunter Shoots Deer; Deer Attacks Hunter

thumb_deer_red_deer_headRandy Goodman, 49, thought that he had the better of a deer when he shot a 240-pound buck with his .270 caliber rifle. This deer, however, refused to become venison before getting a little vengeance. The amazing thing is that this is not the most embarrassing hunting story this season.

Thinking the buck was dead, Goodman approached him only to have the deer jump up and attack him with his seven-point antlers. Goodman described it as “15 seconds of hell.” It was not that great a couple of minutes for the deer either, which he shot two more times to kill.

At least he survive. Dennis Farmer was initially listed as having died after falling out of a tree strand but is now believed to have had an heart attack before or after the fall. Click <a href=”“>here.

The most embarrassed hunter, however, may be Matthew Marcum of Oregon who was shot in his buttocks by his own dog in a boat during a duck hunt.

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  1. Here’s an interesting article from Vermont on the issue of irresponsible hunting. According to that Court, such a hunter may be charged with aggravated assault regardless of specific intent to harm:

    PELIER, Vt. –The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that a hunter who shoots and injures someone because he or she didn’t properly identify the target can face an aggravated assault charge.

    In a case arising out of Lamoille County, the court upheld the aggravated assault conviction of Eric Patch Jr., who was 17 and was out partridge hunting on his neighbor’s land in November of 2006 when he saw movement in a tree, fired his 12-gauge shotgun and hit a deer hunter.

    Andrew Gates, also of Hyde Park, was severely injured, still suffers from neurological problems and migraine headaches and is permanently disabled, said Christopher Moll, deputy state’s attorney for Lamoille County.

    Patch’s lawyer, William Cobb of Hyde Park, sought dismissal and then acquittal on the charge, saying the state did not prove he intended to harm the victim.

    The high court found that intent wasn’t a necessary component of the crime, and that the recklessness of firing without being sure of the target was sufficient. (AP)

  2. I think I saw that deer in the movie “Tommy Boy”. I have to admit that the dog shooting the hunter in the butt case is the funniest one that I have seen in a long while. Just one more reason why I dislike guns. I have been driving behind the pickup trucks up here in Northern Illinois with their dead bucks hanging out the back end and reading these stories makes me wonder how many do we not hear about.

  3. malo said ,

    “Suddenly I feel nauseous…how ’bout you?”

    Yes, invariably whenever I see the name malo….

  4. Was this deer named Lazarus?


    I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with on this one.

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