Turley Blog Makes Top 100: Vote Now For Your Favorite Blogs

eurocuptrophy80mm2008Congratulations to everyone who regularly posts at this blog. Our blog has made the top 100 legal blogs in the annual survey by the ABA Journal. [OK, there is no trophy but I figured we needed something] The Journal is now taking votes on various categories from professor/legal theory blog (including this blog) and various other categories like crime and technology. This blog is in the top ten for professor/legal theory blogs and you can vote on the ranking by click vote now here.

The journal describes our blog as

Jonathan Turley
George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley keeps his posts short, light and entertaining while focusing on outrageous criminal justice and tort stories in the mainstream media (“bizarre” is this blog’s most populated topic). But be sure to click the “continue reading” links to get this constitutional scholar’s take on how these stories will end.

140px-premiership_trophyFor the full 100 list and the other categories (and a chance to vote on your favorite blogs in each category), click here.

Per the request of Rafflaw, I have added the Stanley Cup below for making both the top 100 and top ten.175px-stanly_cup_in_hockey_hall_of_fame_may_2008_edit1

77 thoughts on “Turley Blog Makes Top 100: Vote Now For Your Favorite Blogs”

  1. Indeed, at 220 votes, I feel like Sarah Palin at a Kansas caucus meeting (or at Neiman Marcus with an unlimited RNC credit card).

  2. Holy Cow, Turley is up to 220 votes.

    Weekends are a good time for law college students to vote since they are much to ethical to surf this blawg during class time or otherwise while on-the-clock.

  3. Bless you Cook County Dem. Each of those votes makes me feel like I was back in the good old 46 precinct where people live (and vote) forever. Just as with Kennedy, the souls of Chicago will determine another critical national election.

  4. The registered souls of Rosehill Cemetery and I have selected JT. They’ve no difficulty over balloting. This is the Chicago way.

  5. FFLEO:

    He that is robbed, not wanting what is stol’n,
    Let him not know’t, and he’s not robbed at all.
    – Othello the Moor of Venice

  6. Dagnabit LindyLou! You fouled up my plan by casting your vote.

    Okay, this is what I did to make amends for my accidental “over-voting” during my research.

    I gave 1 vote (#137) to the next highest blog called ‘Mirror of Justice’ and 1 vote to another neat blawg.

    I tossed n’ turned last night and now I have a clear conscience. All is right within the ABA Blawg world, for me.

    I must confess that had this voting not occurred, I would have never guessed that there were that many other neat blawg on the Internet.

  7. Mike,

    I loved “the precious”. That was funny.


    I’m not using your new long form name! LindyLou is not from Chicago. She is an upstanding citizen and would not vote twice (or more) like some other blogladytes here.

  8. Gygeshttp://jonathanturley.org/2008/12/04/eligibility-questions-can-clinton-serve-obama-and-can-obama-serve-the-country/ says:


    Or at least accessible to the masses who might vote more than once.


  9. It counted my vote this time. If the professor gets 200 votes, he deserves to also win the America’s cup trophy for making law accessible to the teeming masses.

  10. 151 good people, 134 boring people as of my vote today. Keep it going. Don’t let overconfidence put us behind. The Professor Needs
    his “precious.” Also, having never won an award in my life I could use some vicarious pleasure.

  11. Mirrors of Justice… 130
    Jonathan Turley…….110

    Surely there are more GWU L1, 2, 3, & 4s than that who could vote.

  12. The vote tallies keep coming and, at this writing, we are doing a respectable 63 votes. I note we are falling behind a rather stodgy site presumptuously named “The Mirror of Justice,” with 102 votes. I logged on to that site to find a plethora of long boring articles covering such fascinating topics as “The Bishops & Obama-Absolutism & democratic deliberation,”Bainbridge on Kmiec; and Penalver on Bainbridge on Kmiec,” and the “More on the Moral Natural Law.” There wasn’t even a place to comment, and you know I was ready with some errant reply.

    I believe a call to arms is in order to vanquish these pretenders to the throne. How can they compete with our topics like “Home With the Havens: Man Shoots Wife During Sex in Alleged Accident,” Gnome de Guerre: Pennsylvania Man Convicted of Aggravated Assault with Garden Gnome,” and the seasonal “SPOOKY TORTS WITH TURLEY.” A vote for Turley is a vote for sanity–and some fun! Match that “The Mirror of Justice.” I am voting again!!!

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