Eichman Arrested in Delaware Over Castration Contract

photo_servletThere seems to be a developing Third Reich theme this week. With Adolph Hitler being turned down for a birthday cake in Pennsylvania, Eichman has now been arrested in Delaware. This is Wilbur Eichman who was arrested in a bizarre case involving his alleged hiring of a hitman with a promise of bonus if he not only shot his ex-son-in-law but also brought him his genitals in a jar.

New Castle County Police have arrested Eichman after the hitman failed in his assault and then offered to let the victim listen to a recorded conversation arranging the hit. The hitman, known as Chaz (and later identified as Charles Pernot, 34), followed the victim to his apartment and began the assault only to flee when the victim screamed for help. Chaz later called the victim and accepted $500 to play the tape of the “client.” The victim immediately recognized him as his former father-in-law and Chaz was arrested. Chaz later picked out Eichman in a line-up. Eichman is charged with one count of criminal solicitation.

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