Classic Model 271: Turkish Company Struggles to Meet Demand for “Bush Shoes”

the_week_9316_27It appears that, just as O.J. Simpson proved a bonanza for Bruno Magli shoes, Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi has triggered a run on brown, thick-soled “Model 271” shoes — the type that he hurled at Bush. Istanbul-based producer Baydan Ayakkabicilik San. & Tic. is rushing to fill orders for the shoes which will be renamed “The Bush Shoe” or “Bye-Bye Bush.” No stylish anti-American or anti-Bush male would be caught dead without a pair.

Baydan has received orders for 300,000 pairs of the shoes since the attack, including a request for 4,000 pairs from a company called Davidson, based in Maryland. The model was introduced in 1999. The company is now bringing in 100 more staff to meet demand.

It just shows how unpredictable life can be. If you had watched Bush through college and his early years, you would have assumed any shoe named after him would have been a loafer.

This should also be a bonanza for brown shoe lovers, which have their own site. Brown shoes have now played a leading role in politics and, as in this Chaplin classic, in cinema.

In the meantime, al-zeidi is not only likely to get a lifetime of shoes from the company, he has been offered the daughter of any Egyptian family.
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9 thoughts on “Classic Model 271: Turkish Company Struggles to Meet Demand for “Bush Shoes””

  1. I used to have an anrchist list of affirmations one of which was, “my bricks have wings”, so maybe you could change it to “my shoes have wings” (winged justice in greek mythology). No doubt this is the origin of wing tips.

  2. I agree, except that much like the well-worn ‘pre-washed denim’ craze etc, I recommend these shoes undergo some sort of chemical maceratation process AND especially a Brand name change –
    to really make a statement.

    From all reports, Muntader al-Zeidi’s ‘Dawgs’ were practically ‘euthanized’ – from being examined for plastic explosives… 😉

  3. You do a great job when you are on Countdown. I would love to see more close up images of the shoe, hard to find on the web. I am working on opposing a possible upcoming Photo Voter ID Law in Oklahoma – Have any good soundbites?

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