3 thoughts on “Santa Shooter Commits Suicide After Killing Spree in California”

  1. Is there some point at which the American people will finally have had enough? It seems to me well past time that the NRA was declared to be a terrorist organization. Guns don’t kill people – they just make it way too easy for crazy people to kill people. The same guy armed with a knife or even a hatchet may have wounded one or two before the rest of the people ganged up on him and subdued him.

    You may call it tragic, and you would of course be right. I call it preventable with sensible gun laws.

  2. I read about this story in the paper this morning. It is a tragic story and I have seen two different reports stating 6 and 8 people were killed. How does one get to the point of killing your former in-laws, including children? Such a sad story, expecially duing the Holidays. Our prayers go out to all of the families involved here.

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