Happy Holidays!

images8Best wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah. Our kids get to double dip on both holidays in a play to spread our bets between the two religions of the parents. We have just finished placing the last present under the tree in Chicago. We can now look forward to three hours of sleep before the C-Day invasion. As my gift to you, I have linked a truly inspirational holiday video: Jingle Bells played on microwave ovens below.

I hope that the holidays bring much joy to everyone on this blog (which remains the best hope for peace on Earth). I am very thankful for the community that has formed about this site. We may be a dysfunctional Internet family, but family is family.

Happy Holidays to Everyone and best wishes for the New Year!!!

For the video, click here.

54 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. I skipped most of the comments on this thread, I got enough of this form of “holiday cheer” visiting various friends and relations.

    On a positive note: I hope everyone enjoyed whatever holidays they choose to celebrate.

  2. Patty C 1, December 26, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    “Most of us ‘professionals’ work. We don’t blog all day. We especially don’t blog ad infinitum about everyday crapola”

    Everyday “crapola”?

    You mean like constantly posting food recipes?

    Patty C 1, December 28, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    “I’ll see your lizard, call your deer, and raise you
    ‘a mousse’.

    Happy New Year!



    In top of a double boiler over hot water melt
    1/2 lb bittersweet chocolate
    3 Tablespoons water (I’ve used espresso…)
    1/4 cup sugar
    Mix well, remove and cool. Add one at a time
    4 egg yolks
    mixing well after each addition. Add
    1 inch scraped vanilla bean
    Fold in
    4 stiffly beaten eggs whites
    Spoon into individual pots. Refrigerate. To serve, dollop with
    1 cup heavy cream, whipped Serves 6-8″

    Yea Patty. Your comments are so superior to our “every day crapola”.


  3. Wow.

    I think in the Psychiatric community this is what they call “obsessive compulsive disorder”.

    Patty seems obsessed with not only stalking Jill and me, but apparently has fabricated in her mind some sort of sordid imaginary relationship Jill and I supposedly have. Guess Patty hasn’t noticed that Jill seldom speaks to me. And when she does it’s barely a word or two. Of course recognizing that would mean Patty would need to be founded in reality instead of her obsession with driving others out of the blog.

    Patty clearly is an unbalanced individual in desperate need of therapy.

  4. lol, sorry, “prescription” tablets.

    I know how anal you can be about typographical errors.

    Seriously though and don’t get me wrong here but did you say you were trained as a psychiatrist or needed one?

  5. I was replying to MASkeptic’s comment.

    I don’t enjoy being used. I’m not a sponge.

    Jill encourages obnoxious, verbally abusive, combative, Neanderthals like ‘BARTLEBEE/CRO MAGNUM MAN/WAYNEBRO’ to stick around. From the first time he showed up and started shooting his mouth off
    I specifically invited him to ‘get lost’. But, No, Jill found a new BFF. As you know, he’s gotten run out of here at least twice. FYI, ‘Magnum’ was a reference to his choice of condom – supposedly.

    True to form, she then has the gall to turn around and climb on her soapbox about the rampant and esclating male abuse of women in the world!

    Suddenly, you’d think all women and children are ‘victims’ of some type of abuse – be it sexual, physical, and or emotional.

    Many people are, not just women, and to that extent would likely choose not to be in the future. They certainly don’t just sit idly by when they see it right in front of their eyes – unless they approve or are traumatized.

    I choose to stand up before I allow someone to mistreat me – or others – including animals.

    Just once, rather than be bombarded with statistics or a ‘cut and paste’ lecture, I’d like to hear what Jill has actually done
    in support of the causes she feels ‘so deeply’ about.

    For instance, like helping out with a fund raiser for the local Women’s Shelter, volunteering on a Rape Crisis Line or stocking the community Food Pantry and Animal Shelters etc, like my group of friends and I do quite often?

    Something would be good!

  6. “I am saying Jill is a passive-agressive asshole.

    Despite what you think you see, I am a physician schooled in many areas, including Psychiatry

    The ‘girl’ has ‘issues’ which would well be addressed elsewhere”

    Patty C.,
    Here’s my problem with what you wrote: It really is over the top name calling, with a “nyah! nyah! nyah!” subtext. It really doesn’t due you credit, nor does it add credibility to your thoughts. I too am a professional and was accredited until I retired. I’ve seen enough of people and the world though to know that just being an accredited professional does not mean self awareness, nor a lack of ignorance. Knowing how often in my own life I’ve been wrong about an issue, or I’ve pre-judged unfairly, gives me little reason to deem myself superior to anyone. That Jill is NOT “a professional, a wife/partner, or a mother” is not relevant to the validity of her point of view. The caustic manner of your attacks upon her lead me to believe that your issues go far deeper than Jill’s comments. However, since we don’t really know each other I would be loath to say that what I surmise has any factual basis. Perhaps after examining your own motivations you might begin to give Jill the same benefit of doubt.

    In any event perhaps it is time for you to get beyond this personal animus, which I believe is not only counter-productive for yourself, but is also tedious for the rest of us. While at times I am very appreciative of and interested in your thoughts, this vituperative behavior has become annoying and repetitive.

  7. You haven’t been paying that close attention, Mike.
    I’m weary of Jill. She does not speak for me or most women I know –except when she’s plagiarizing me, that is. She is not a professional, a wife/partner, or a mother.

    BTW, I don’t practice psychiatry.

    Oh and if I were you, I wouldn’t tell her any personal health info unless you don’t mind it being the subject of casual AND erroneous conversation. Your news will no longer be ‘your’ news.

  8. Patty C.,
    I’ve watched the growing vituperation of your attacks on Jill with the sick fascination of someone watching a train wreck that they can’t prevent. I am an institute trained psychotherapist with more than 38 years experience in Mental Health and Social Services. I write this only because you falsely believe that your “bono fides” give credence to your vicious/obscene attacks on Jill. In truth I have met many in our profession who were far more deluded than the patients they purported to treat. While Jill is fully capable of defending herself, I interject myself into this discussion because you besmirch the profession you claim to practice. I also do it because I dislike bullying done by anyone and your attacks epitomize a bully.

    I wouldn’t mind if your dislike for Jill was focused solely upon her opinions, although I might not agree with your take. You, however, go out of your way to attack her and your attacks fall beyond the pale of argumentative discourse. While at times your comments have shown insight, intelligence and understanding, it seems Jill represents a red flag to the bull inside you. One of the characteristics of a good mental health professional is the ability to be introspective of ones’ own nature. Alas, I have known too many psychiatrists to whom introspection is an anathema and in many instances I have been forced to fire them, or to oppose their views. I would hope that you are not representative of that part of the profession. I would suggest that you try to get some insight into your own behavior in this “crusade.”

    Finally, as to your standing as a long time commenter at this site, I would say that your longevity carries you as far as the contents of your writing. In this particular instance you do not do yourself justice, or serve the greater needs of reasoned discussion.

  9. ‘Now if you’d just figure out she’s not a woman but a troll posing as a woman who is playing a stupid liberal role in here for her own spurious reasons. Sort of like the right wing version of Stephen Colbert. She’s not here to blog. She’s here to cause trouble, drive off new bloggers and make the left look dumb.

    And THAT’S truth you can conquer the universe with.’

    WB, I was here long before Jill and you. If anyone can be characterized as a troll and an imposter, it is you!!! You have shown up here under at least three different handles and lied about being the reinvented you every single time. You are a classic ‘misfit’ and you know it.

    I, on the other hand, am ‘all girl’ and I have had to fight and struggle against a lot odds to achieve my station in life. I am proud of who I am AND what I have achieved.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    p.s. The avatar is an improvement over your photo of yourself.
    I always imagined you with something in your mouth-like a pacifier…

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