Two Men Stoned to Death and One Escapes After Iranian Sentence of Adultery

250px-flag_of_iransvgIran has continued its medieval legal practice with two additional stonings. It was supposed to be three stonings, but one of the men named Mahmoud accused of adultery was able to dig himself out of the hole and run free. The stonings occurred in the city of Mashhad in late December.

Under the common stoning rule, a man is buried up to his waist while a woman is buried up to her neck. If a person is able to escape the hole, they must be treated as free and clear under Islamic law — bringing a new meaning to “digging yourself out of a hole.”

The Iranians continue to follow the dictates of Sharia law and these prehistoric traditions. Other countries like Somalia follow the same traditions, here.

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8 thoughts on “Two Men Stoned to Death and One Escapes After Iranian Sentence of Adultery”

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  2. Good one, Sally. Took me 10 seconds to get it though. I would have said: They have to be buried up to the head that does the thinking, or some such. Not to make light of the situation, but I guess the same principle applies to the judges (if they have them there); that’s why they aren’t buried at all, eh?

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  4. How much longer can the bizarre alliance between liberals and islmaic fundamentalists last. You can only take my enemy’s enemy is my friend so far when liberals consider conservatives more of an enemy than islamic fundamentalists.

  5. As I started to read the headline I thought it was a story about Cheech and Chong and a friend.

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