Man Abandons 280 Rats on Side of the Road in Cruel Conditions — Given Only $1000 Fine

170px-rat_diabeticA Providence, Rhode Island man is in trouble after he abandoned nearly 300 rats on the side of the road. Toby Duffany, 22, was arrested for stuffing 280 rats into aquariums and cages on the side of a road. The rats were forced to turn to cannibalism and 75 rates died. Yet, Duffany has only some community service and $1000 to pay for his cruel treatment of the animals.

I am not what you would call a rat person, but even I believe that Duffany deserved something more than writing a check for such a crime (at roughly $3 a rat).

He told police that the rats belonged to his mother (with whom he lives) and they simply could not keep them any longer. One has to wonder if the result would have been different if dogs or cats were stuffed into cages and abandoned in these conditions.

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