When Poodles Attack: “Clinically Depressed” Poodle Bites Ex-French President Chirac

160px-jacques_chirac250px-malteseYou simply can’t make this stuff up. Former French President Jacques Chirac was rushed to a hospital after being bitten by his white Maltese poodle, Sumo. Sumo has been under care for clinical depression, including treatment with anti-depressants.

Bernadette had no idea why the poodle attacked: “If you only knew! I had a dramatic day yesterday. Sumo bit my husband!”

Chirac is 76-year-old and was president of France for 12 years until 2007.

It does raise an interesting torts question. If a poodle is clinically depressed and unstable, does that qualify as know vicious propensities? Putting aside that the Chiracs are unlikely to sue themselves, the increasingly common diagnosis of animals with psychological problems raises a new dimension to the determination of when strict liability applies to a domesticated animal.

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  3. I am also increasingly concerned that JT is slowly turning against some segments of the animal kingdom. First, the derogatory crack about the smiling lizard being without seasonal cache’, then aspersions against poor little Sumo (I ask you, is that the face of a killer?), and now a horrific story about anti-rat behavior dismissed with a sniffling “I am not what you would call a rat person….” Indeed, you seem transfixed on that smiling deer. More is the pity!

  4. 1) Poodle.
    1.5) Poodle haircut.
    2) French.
    3) Lexapro.
    4) Owned by a professional politician.

    Clearly, the dog didn’t go crazy, the dog went dog. Justifiable bite in my book.

  5. This is why people should not own little whiny yappy dogs.

    They’re useless, drugged addicted little four legged liabilities.

  6. “If a poodle is clinically depressed and unstable, does that qualify as know vicious propensities?”


    I do not understand what one thing has to do with another. If humans are clinically depressed and unstable do we presume their viciousness too? I’m with Patty C let the dog be a dog and not some medicated lap ornament.

  7. Mr. C needs to remember that, most likely, there is a statue of limitations on dog bites. There are lawyers who specialize in dog bit tort law at: dogbitelaw.com

    How does a lawyer cross-exam a clinically depressed dog on the stand?

    1 Arf = YES; 2 Arf’s = No?

    Growl = a pleading of the 5th?

    Insanity defense = Biting the prosecutor.

    “Q: What’s the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead lawyer in the road?

    A: There are skid marks in front of the dog.”

  8. I remember a French women beating a murder rap several years ago by employing a “PMS” defense. If the poodle really was as depressed as he claims to be, that puppy’s gonna walk.

  9. The dog needs daily vigorous exercise, caring attention, and discipline – not pills.

    No doubt someone else used to take care of these things in the past and Chirac has not bonded with his own pet.

    That’s not the dog’s fault.

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