BBC Refuses To Air Appeal for Gaza Aid

200px-bbcsvgThe BBC has officially refused to air an appeal for aid for Gaza from ten international aid groups, including British Red Cross, Oxfam, and Save the Children. The BBC insists that, no matter how crafted, the aid request would undermine its impartiality in covering the conflict. SKY has now joined BBC in the refusal to air any appeal.

Director general Mark Thompson stated “We concluded that we could not broadcast a free-standing appeal, no matter how carefully constructed, without running the risk of reducing public confidence in the BBC’s impartiality in its wider coverage of the story. . . Inevitably an appeal would use pictures which are the same or similar to those we would be using in our news programs but would do so with the objective of encouraging public donations. The danger for the BBC is that this could be interpreted as taking a political stance on an ongoing story.”

I am confused by this position, particularly the “no matter how carefully constructed” statement. I understand the need for requiring a purely charitable appeal without political content. However, I fail to see how an appeal for humanitarian appeal destroys impartiality of a news organization. The company could always add a disclaimer. There is obviously great human suffering and health dangers in Gaza. That should be enough to justify an appeal for charity while preserving impartiality.

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31 thoughts on “BBC Refuses To Air Appeal for Gaza Aid”

  1. Maybe one reason that the BBC cannot allow this fundraiser is because the BBC is owned by the UK government. If a programme is seen to be taking one side more than another in a current dispute then that could undermine any attempts by the government to work with both parties.
    The BBC is not like ABC, NBC etc and as such is responsible to parliament and the population of the UK through them.
    Oh yes and this “taking one side over another” doesn’t have to exist in reality, just in the minds of the slighted party.

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  8. Buddha,
    After watching the 60 Minutes report last night, even discounting media incompetence, I find it hard to argue with you.
    What I will point out is that the Israeli settlers, who were given most of Israel’s side of the story, were all ultra-orthodox Jews. They mirror Muslim/Christian fundamentalists in using their religious beliefs to justify their awful political views. The only relief from this was the statement from Tzippi Livni, a prospective Prime Minister, to the effect that she believes in land for peace and the Israeli settlers will have to be moved out.

    As you might guess, I hold no brief for the Israeli settlers and their biblical claims to the West Bank. Their thinking is beyond stupidity because it offers no practical way to deal with the Arabs in Israel, other than the acceptability of oppression and apartheid. Ultra-Orthodox Jewry is equal to the worst of other religion’s Fundamentalism and has been a plague upon Israel, as much as its’ Christian/Muslim/Hindu counterparts has plagued the rest of the world. My hope is that Livni wins (and is sincere) in the coming election and that the voices of reason in Israel are heard. If not the conflict will continue indefinitely and Israel will become something that its’ founders and supporters never envisioned.

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