Death at the Motor Sports Monster Truck and Thrill Show

238px-batman_truckThere has been a second death in a monster truck show this month. In Madison, George Eisenhart Jr., 41, of Chardon, Ohio died after he walked in front of a passing monster truck at the Dane County Coliseum. This is nine days after a boy was killed in Tacoma, Washington by flying debris in a monster truck show.

Eisenhart was a promoter for the Motor Sports Monster Truck and Thrill Show.

In Tacoma, 6-year-old Sebastian Hizey was killed when a truck doing circles or doughnuts lost a piece of metal that flew into the crowd and hit him in the head. Witnesses complained that the show did not even stop while emergency personnel attended to the boy.

The impression left from these fatalities is that these shows remain a bit casual in their organization and supervision. This is a very popular activities with many amateurs and people participating as a hobby. That can be an invitation for accidents. In both cases, a clear compliant of negligence can be made. Fans would constitute public invitees and the shows fall under both state and federal safety rules.

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  2. Mespo had left a great comment on the earlier thread about this subject, and I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m moving it over here so it won’t be missed.

    Mespo said,

    “What is the attraction for these folks who go to these “shows”? One would think you get the same thrill from parking a lawn chair along I-90 on a Saturday night in the summertime — probably would be a lot safer.”

    Now that I think about it, I think Mespo has a great idea. If they can get some beer vendors along the highway shoulders, every day would look like parade day. I bet the favorite places would be the curves where vehicles are known to slide into the ditch in bad weather.

  3. no one is going to talk about the intellectual defiency of these people who are all right wing nut jobs who use guns and God to fill their empty lives?

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