Documents Shows Church Officials in Indianapolis Knew of Repeated Sexual Abuse by Priest But Transferred Him to Other Churches

85px-coat_of_arms_of_the_vatican_citysvgIn shocking documents reviewed by the Indianapolis Star, disclosed evidence shows that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis was fully aware that Father Harry Monroe was molesting numerous boys from 1974 to 1984 and allowed him to continue by transferring him from church to church rather than calling the police or terminating his employment or both.

Monroe, who has disappeared and was last seen in Nashville, Tenn., has admitted in sworn depositions that he not only molested various boys but confessed to his superiors. Documents now show that the Most Rev. George J. Biskup and the Most Rev. Edward T. O’Meara were aware of the crime and did not call police or keep Monroe away from children. Instead, they moved him to new parishes where he was given new victims. They merely ordered him into counseling.

Since 2005, 13 alleged victims have filed lawsuits against Monroe and the archdiocese. He can now longer be criminally charged due to the churches failure to notify the police or the parents.

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8 thoughts on “Documents Shows Church Officials in Indianapolis Knew of Repeated Sexual Abuse by Priest But Transferred Him to Other Churches”

  1. This story is another example of why I am not very active in the Catholic church. This bishop acted like George W.Bush when the OLC gave him what he asked for. A free to torture card. This Bishop got a free to abuse card from this so-called counseling service. Is this the same counseling service that claims to “cure” gay people??Can this Bishop be held criminally liable for failing to inform the police of crimes against children?

  2. I am not a religious person, but would suggest that this New Testament imprecation is about right: “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” And to me, there is no mistaking but that the curse would apply with equal force to those responsible officials of the Catholic Church who facilitated the continuation of abusive behavior as to those who were directly involved in it.

  3. how in the world do these people ever get ordained in the first place? This has been going on for years when I was a kid (in the 60’s) we used to joke about it. it long enough to uncover it.

  4. This represents a consistent pattern of how the church hierarchy treated the abuse of children. The pope protects higher ups who knew and moved around priests at this very moment. In Toledo, there is evidence of complicity between the police and the church in covering over these crimes. I think there should be a lawsuit against the church as a whole on behalf of victims. It wasn’t just a particular diocese who acted in this manner. It took the collusion of the hierarchy, including the pope to allow these crimes to continue.

  5. Badges true true. Or perhaps badgers. Rabid ones. Stuck down their pedo pants.

  6. Here’s a show stopper from the article:

    “Jay Mercer, attorney for the archdiocese, said the church acted to ensure that a troubled priest received treatment and Monroe was returned to ministry only after the clinic assured church officials that he posed no threat to children.

    “In this case, the bishop looked to the experts and the experts said to him this was not a concern,” said Mercer.”

    The only experts the Least Reverends truly needed were the ones wearing badges.

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