Chinese Official: Baby Born Every 30 Seconds With Birth Defect Due to Pollution

China's flagIn a remarkable admission from the Chinese government, a Chinese health official has said that China’s lethal levels of pollution is the reason that a baby is born with defects every 30 seconds in the country. Jiang Fan, vice-minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC) made the shocking admission at a conference in Beijing.

China’s environmental disaster is evident in its so-called “cancer villages” and damage to its historic landmarks like the Great Wall.

Much of the pollution linked to this latest report stems from the massive use of coal without proper emission controls and technology.

In 2007, a government study found that birth defects had increased by roughly 40 percent between 2001 and 2006, but did not establish this type of cause and effect relationship.

I recently participated in an environmental conference on the need for fundamental legal reforms to address China’s environmental crisis, including the use of private attorneys general.

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  3. Article from Human Events by Arthur Robinson

    A hidden effect of the November 4 elections and the national events that preceded them during this past year is perhaps best called the “John Galt Effect” in honor of Ayn Rand’s famous character in Atlas Shrugged. It is occurring to a very significant extent.

    Our technological civilization stands upon the shoulders of many generations of free Americans and the great accomplishments that they bequeathed to us. Among those Americans and their counterparts in other countries have been a small special group of people whose unusual genius, work ethic, and love for their specialties were especially outstanding. These men, by their examples, their creations, and their leadership of free enterprises, have led our civilization upward. One of the greatest privileges of my life has been to know a few such people.

    Without this small group of people, the technological attainments of their generations would not have taken place. We know the names of a few of them, but there were many more — constituting perhaps one person in a thousand. Ayn Rand called these people the “men of the mind.” In Atlas Shrugged, under the leadership of John Galt, they withdrew their services. They would only work in freedom. They would not work under tyranny.

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    As the pendulum of politics now swings toward tyranny in the United States and dangers to those whom they love increase, these men and women partially turn their talents more toward their personal responsibilities. Part of their thoughts, efforts, and ingenuity are lost to society — and this loss cannot be recovered by either negative or positive incentives.

    Throughout our country today, the men of the mind ( women, too) are watching the awful scene in Washington and its reflection in state and local capitals throughout the United States. They understand the consequences of the government oppression that has dogged their own footsteps for many years and that will grow much worse in the near future. So, they are taking actions to protect themselves and their families.

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    Of one thing we can be certain. When the essentials of our civilization begin to seriously falter and this causes real harm, those who would be our masters and their fellow travelers in the media, academia, business, and politics will cast blame upon some of these men of the mind — and drag them before us for punishment. Our John Galts know this, too, and it is a further distraction for them.

    Some of these people are leading great enterprises. Others are in the basements of our power plants and other heavy industries. Some are closeted away in universities quietly at work on the next generations of possible advances in science and engineering. They are easily recognized — by their genius and by the love of their work that permeates their whole beings.

    One way to recognize them is that they constantly talk about their work to anyone who will listen.

    Now they are distracted.

    What are they talking about today?

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