Pre-Law Major: Thomas Jefferson School of Law Discovers 500,000 Mammoth Remains

second-tusk-siteThomas Jefferson School of Law can now claim that its new school is not just historic but pre-historic in San Diego. Construction workers preparing the site for the new school have discovered a 500,000 year old mammoth at the site. Better yet, it is a Columbian mammoth. Presumably, the students can now claim a dual TJ and Columbia degree.

The mammoth remains were found in the East Village area when the workers started to dig out the location for the $68 million building.

Paleontologists “say the bones hold clues about animal life in the downtown area a half-million years ago.” They are presumably looking for body piercings, Billabong wet suit, and a giant can of Red Bull.

They believe the mammoth died in a collision since they found the remains of a pre-historic personal injury lawyer near the tusks.

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3 thoughts on “Pre-Law Major: Thomas Jefferson School of Law Discovers 500,000 Mammoth Remains”

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  2. Ok, ok, I usually stay out of the pun-ny/animals issue, but “a dual TJ and Columbia degree.” Do you really have to pick on the extinct animals, JT? Don’t they have enough problems being fossils already without having to pass accreditation?

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