“Terrifying” Report: More Soldiers Dying From Suicide Than Combat

seal army The military has released figures showing record suicide rates that show more soldiers are dying by their own hand than those of the enemy. In just the Army alone, 24 soldiers are believed to have committed suicide in January. That is six times the number from 2008.

During the same period, all of the branches lost 16 U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq in January.

One official has described the findings as “terrifying.”

The Marines are also reporting an increase in suicides: 41 in 2008, up from 33 in 2007 and 25 in 2006, according to a Marines report.

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  1. MDTurley,
    I understand your concern at how this particular thread has turned out. It is my contention that the responses are usually on topic, but when the trolls spew their nonsensical postings on every thread it is very difficult to stay on point. I believe all of the regular posters here do not want to do anything that Prof. Turley would not approve of. However, the real problem is the repetitive postings by trolls who are unconcerned with the topic that Prof. Turley has initiated. I tried for a long time to ignore the trolls, but they have multiplied to the point that they have become invasive and they cannot be ignored. Their intent, as gleaned from their postings is to distract from the topic and on many occasions to mock and defame Prof. Turley and some of the regular posters. I do not think any of us have a problem with divergent opinions, but when the topic is continually ignored, attempts have been made to persuade them to stay on point or leave. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in reducing or eliminating the off topic trolls. I remain hopeful that we can convince the trolls to stay on point, but it is an uphill battle.

  2. Md

    Thanks for the condemnation. Or were you referring to one of the above posters?
    messpo727272, BIL, rafflaw, Bob, Esq. None of which I ever find dull!

    Drivel hhmm… really the only carelessness I see is emanating from you thinking you know exactly what is tolerable and what is not. I don’t know what Professor Turley had in mind when he opened this site other than to be inclusive to opposing views maybe?

    MD if you could loosen your grip on the scepter you seem to be throttling, you might come off as less of a killjoy.

    “I cannot help but assume he is dismayed as I am, at the domination of the forum,” I’ve always thought conversation was competitive. The most interesting gets the most energy, this thread is about soldiers dying from suicide, do you have anything relevant to this conversation?

  3. Bron,

    We can agree on this then. It is a good point to agree on even if we agree on nothing else.

    It just goes to show you, Finnagle’s Law still applies.

    “The perversity of the universe tends toward the maximum.”

  4. MDTurley:

    i have to agree with Buddha on this one, let Prof. Turley do his own talking.

    While I dont agree with one thing (well maybe one) Buddha has said his comments are interesting and give me a different point of view they also challenge my opinions and give me many things to think about. He is generally a pain in the ass but he is thoughtful.

    Buddha I know you dont want or need my help but as a troll who has been severly pissed on I wanted to have my views known for whatever they are worth.

  5. Budda,

    His blog, not yours, you need to make your point and move on.

    Or is it your intent to dominate EVERY discussion?

    Prof Turley is not inclined to start censoring posts, but I cannot help but assume he is dismayed as I am, at the domination of the forum.

    JT has not the time nor the inclination to monitor every post, so you take that to be tacit approval?

    Myself, I have no problem with the content just the volume and the VOLUME

  6. Hey, MDTurley TROLL,

    If the real JT has a problem, he can

    1) Ask any regular to do as he wishes. We’re polite. We comply to our hosts requests.

    2) Shut it down. He can end this all with a stroke of a key.

    3) Publicly denounce us.

    Since he has done none of these, it is logic that dictates he does indeed approve or at best (for your purposes) is indifferent.

    If YOU don’t like it, well, that’d be YOUR PROBLEM. The internet’s like a television. Change the channel if you don’t like it. But JT’s a big boy. He can run his own blog. You don’t like how he does it? Start your own or don’t visit.

    The logic above is self-evident.

    Who was that who needed to get a life again?

    As you pointed out, it is HIS blog.

  7. raff,

    You have a point, sir.

    Upon further review, the grade rendered is


  8. Bron98:


    “I read some of Dr. Altmeyers work, my opinion is that the reason he dosent publish it is because it would get shot down by serious intellectuals. He posts it surupticiously on a web site to be accessed by left wingers to be used as “serious” argument for denigration of conservatives by people witout any real scientific backround. If he had the balls he would publish and go through peer and critical review, but that is not what this study is for.”

    Dear Non Responsive:

    Apparently you have the attention span of a parrot; seeing you’re far more focused on maintaining message discipline than even paying attention to who you’re addressing.


    “I am going to plant a tree, should I feel good about myself?”

    Gee, that’s a tough one. Is it a decision tree?

    “What have I done? Nothing realy except plant a tree, but it is environmentaly good and my intention is to do good work.”

    You’ve also answered your rhetorical question.

    “But I have planted that tree in front of my neighbors window ruining his view, I did not mean to do this I wanted to plant a tree but in the planting of the tree I have brought about a bad result for my neighbor, should I still feel good about myself because of my action?

    Should I take the tree down or should I leave it up (the tree is on my property and there are no zoning or environmental prohibitions and that is another argument)?”

    First of all, per following anything resembling the rules of argumentation…. What’s the weather like on your planet?

    Second, if you really must know, you may want to run a title search, checking for any scenic easements or declarations of covenants and restrictions running with the land, etc., to be sure you have the option of keeping your precious tree.

    Have a nice day.

  9. ConservativeJackass:

    Well, I think some of it is pretty original. Very few Einsteins and Newtons around here and Hawking hasn’t made his appearance yet but we’re hopeful. About the best a blog can do is serve as a cyber debating session, and allow arguments to whither or prevail on their own merits. I think we do that rather well, hence our popularity with the opposite point of view. Nobody likes to sit around with folks agreeing all the time. No fun. I think everybody learns when everybody participates, and for all our posturing we usually acknowledge that none of our company has all the answers — with the possible exception of our host, whom we universally respect for his thoughts, but especially for putting up with us.

  10. Buddha and Mespo,
    i don’t think the trolls would get any grade from. From reading their posts, it is obvious that they haven’t done any homework and haven’t been to class. Maybe an incomplete would be an accurate grade.

  11. mespo:

    I dont see much original thought in here from the left either, maybe once in awhile when you get after, as you call them, trolls.

    I hope you appreciate the oxymoronity of my handle, liberal jackass would have had a certain congruence, dont you think?

  12. buddha:

    I have a sweet tooth too, and here’s a little ode to buddha and his ” Maple Syrup Over Manhattan”:

    Buddha, Love the visual on your little “catch phrase.”
    And a thousand pardons for my not so “catchy” bad pun,
    But our trolls seem to exist merely to cut and paste.
    Too bad when thinking on your own is so much more fun!

  13. Only problem in this scenario?

    Grades from proven morons and threats to society mean nothing.

    Appeal to baseless authority. The ability to critique requires critical reasoning ability.


    You are now on double secret academic probation, like all the other Delta pledges – most of whom are good guys excepting present company. You’re just not as funny. Well . . . not in the “ha-ha” sense anyway.

    So step it up, buttercup. Your nanny nanny boo boo is showing. I’m back out to the yard now. Ask mom if you and the other trollseys can play outside. It’s good for you. Oxygen and sunshine are good for brain function. I’m sure they’ll take the padlock off the basement door if you beg long enough.

  14. Buddha:

    you are right I do not know whether he has “balls” in the figurative sense obviously he has balls in the literal sense.

    I made a post about his argument above last night.

    Buddha – observational skills C-

    ps I dont give D’s or F’s to cerebellarly chalenged individuals as there is no sense.

  15. Inaccurate characterization. Demonstrated misunderstanding of what constitutes “publishing” in the context of academia and the scope of distribution possible via the internet versus the traditional models. Ad hominem, goes to the man, not the merit of his observation and argument.


    At least you are keeping the grading easy enough to do on breaks. Thanks for the assist.

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