No Charges in Case of Man Dragged 19.8 Miles Under Van

images2In Queens, New York, a pedestrian was struck by a van and dragged 19.8 miles without the driver realizing that he had a body beneath his vehicle. The van was the second vehicle to hit the man and what is most remarkable is that it does not appear that either the first car or second car were hit-and-run drivers.

The accident occurred around 6:15 am when a man crossed against the light.
After a black Ford Expedition, the driver Gustavo Acosta did the right thing and called police to say that he thought that he had hit a person. However, when he went to look, there was no body. That is because a van driver by Lituma Sanchez behind him had snared the body. Other cars beeped at the van driver to tell him that there was a body under his van and the driver got out to try to figure out why his vehicle was not driving well. However, he did not see the body until later.

Neither driver is expected to be charged with hit and run under the circumstances.

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  1. This was both horrific and sad. I suspect it will trouble both drivers for some time. Indeed, the perversity of the universe tends toward the maximum.

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