India Family Shot and Beheaded in “Honor Killings”

India flagThere is yet another terrible crime associated with India’s caste system. In Patna, eight members of a family where shot, beheaded, and thrown into a river after Ratan Mandal, 21, a poor villager, married Kanchan Kumari, 18, above his caste in secret. Fifteen people from the wealthy girl’s family have been charged.

The girl’s family lured the man’s family to their deaths with a request for a meeting to resolve their differences.

Last year, a young boy was savagely killed for writing a love letter to a girl from a higher caste.

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5 thoughts on “India Family Shot and Beheaded in “Honor Killings””

  1. It seems an awfully odd choice that they would rather be remembered as the family of murderous savages than as a family that allowed their child to marry happily but outside the caste …

  2. Yes, two people loving each other is such a tragedy. One that merits murder.

    In Bizzaro World.

  3. … because they could not bear to have their family name besmirched by such a despicable act as marriage?

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