With Friends Like This . . . : Stephen Colbert Endorses Turley Testimony

220px-stephen_colbert_4_by_david_shankboneTurley bloggers we have arrived. Stephen Colbert last night embraced my testimony against the D.C. voting rights bill with the type of clinging and infectious hug not seen since the Sadie Hawkins dances at the French Leper Colony.

Unfortunately, Colbert promptly sold out his opposition to the bill after being offered a key to the city of Washington D.C. by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. My gift of a George Washington soap-on-a-rope appears to have been rejection as an insufficient gratuity.

Here is Colbert before his acceptance of the key (which, Stephen, will open nothing but a window on your soul):

I agree with George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley who told Congress that, while he finds D.C.’s lack of representation “incredibly offense,” the voting rights bill is “flagrantly unconstitutional.”

That is not a contradiction. Just further evidence that our Founding Fathers were complete douche bags.

Actually, I would have to disagree with conclusion as to all (as opposed to a few) of the Framers. Here is my last testimony before the House of Representatives.

For the D.C. vote video, click <here or here.

39 thoughts on “With Friends Like This . . . : Stephen Colbert Endorses Turley Testimony”

  1. In fact, this case has less to do with the Constitution and almost everything to do with the nature and origin of the power of the sovereign with all attendant declarations of covenants and restrictions relating therewith.

    Today, as since 1080 A.D., sovereignty runs with the land.

    Essentially, this is a title issue as relating to the necessary limitations on constitutional power that have been running with the land since cession of the 13 original colonies circa 1776 through 1781.

  2. mespo,
    I even found a Gelato Torrone alla Nocciola e Cioccolato Bianco!
    I was thinking Zabaglione because JT’s Siciliano and for the marsala…

    The Ginger-Pear we’ll coin ‘Peary-Delicto’
    -heh heh?

  3. Last night I caught an episode of Colbert on the DVR I hadn’t seen yet where he was talking about apologist propaganda whore Glenn Beck’s new show on FOX. The creepy eyes window-paned screen trick?

    I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself.

  4. Patty C:

    Call me romantic, but I vote for Chocolate-Hazlenut. It’s the Italian in me!

  5. I haven’t decided how to do it yet. My first impulse would be to just combine ginger gelato and pear gelato, essentially.

    However, ‘Spike’, thinks I should go the Limoncello route.

    Decisions decisions…

  6. Patty,

    If you make Ginger-Pear, be prepared to have a laughing fat man show up at the door. That sounds awesome.

  7. mespo, I’ve been pondering the perfect flavor combo for my proposed
    ‘Gelato Delickto’.

    I’m torn between Zabaglione, Chocolate-Hazlenut, and Ginger-Pear.
    Any ideas?

  8. (for the record, re “messy”- i was referring, not to seamus, but to bingo was his name-o )

  9. seamus,

    I am not eating my Prada, even the knock-offs. I’m going down with my conspicuous consumption intact. I do have some slow moving neighbors to consider though!

    (Your survivalist tips were wonderful!!!)

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