Nazi Satanist Bites Boy and Verbally Attacks Judge in Indiana

bilde A judge in Muncie, Indiana has accepted a plea of guilty in a bizarre case involving a white supremacist and Satan worshiper who turned a prior hearing into chaos by shouting “Heil Hitler” and “White Power” at the judge before being held in contempt. Dmitriy V. Sklyarov, 20, has now pleaded guilty to biting a 9-year-old child 13 times on the arms and legal in October.

Delaware County Circuit Court 5 Judge Thomas Cannon Jr. accepted the terms of a plea agreement for a one-year jail term and $100 fine on a battery charge. In exchange, Sklyarov avoided a charge of neglect of a dependent. His lawyer, Steven Bruce argued that he was engaging in horseplay when the child bit him and he decided to bite him back.

At his Dec. 1 hearing, Sklyarov started screaming at Judge Chris Teagle who gave him a 90-day sentence for contempt of court. Remarkably, Cannon told Sklyarov he was willing to “revisit that contempt” and if he wanted to offer an explanation of his behavior. I am not sure how one explains screaming Nazi slogans in an non-contemptful way, particularly when he later wrote Teagle to say that he sat on a “throne of lies.” Mixing white supremacy and Satanism may have something to do with the explanation.

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  1. He bit the kid on the legal!

    Not only is he a nazi and satanist, but hes physically attempting to destroy the process to avoid punishment.

  2. I’ll say this.

    The boy makes a strong impression.

    I bet he’s a blast at a party.

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