No Fan, Yu: Chinese Woman Loses Private Mistress Contest and Attempts to Kill Lover and His Four Other Mistresses

China's flagA Chinese businessman named Fan decided this year that the economic downturn required him to downsize, so he told his five mistresses that he would have to reduce his private harem to just one mistress and one wife. I know that this sounds like a Chinese parable, but this is a real case from Qingdao, China when one of the women named Yu took the contest on a murderous path.

Fan decided that he would let the women compete for the mistress job, which comes with free apartment and a 5,000 yuan ($730) monthly allowance. Like Gleberry Glenross, first place was full benefits and second place . . . did not even get the set of steak knives.

Fan hired a a local modeling agency professional to conduct the competition, where the women would compete on the basis of “the way they looked, how they sang and how much alcohol they could hold.”

The 29-year-old Yu woman was cut in the first round based on her looks. Yu is a former waitress who met Fan in 2000.

She then asked the man and his four remaining contestants to go on sightseeing trip before she left town. She then drove off a mountain on December 6th, killing herself and injuring Fan and the other women.

Fan has now paid Yu’s parents 580,000 yuan ($84,744) as compensation for her death. His wife and his four mistresses have left him.

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4 thoughts on “No Fan, Yu: Chinese Woman Loses Private Mistress Contest and Attempts to Kill Lover and His Four Other Mistresses”

  1. I guess Chinese lore doesn’t include the well known and oft demonstrated wisdom of the phrase “Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned”. And this guy scorned six. That’s gonna leave a scar or two.

  2. I’m not sure to laugh or cry, but I’m leaning toward laughing. Mr. Fan, how much did you understand about the nature of vanity and avarice before you started this little game? Not very much I am thinking. Yeah, Yu committed the crime proper, but you ARE the instigator. You’re a fool. And like a fool, you were parted with some of that MONEY you found so important as to degrade and humiliate these women with your childish contest. I hope every woman you hit on from now on laughs and kicks you in the balls. THAT would be justice.

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