humorous-319_smallIn light of our recent disclosure of the mule menace of terror, this picture is meant to show that there are good-American mules who are happy and well-adjusted.

For all of those muleophobes, I hope that this picture will dispel any prejudices against our mule friends. Most mules reject violence as a means of social change and remains some of the hardest working members of our society.

Thanks to Mespo, it is now possible to double your mule pleasure.44565259_76c4a0967f_m

28 thoughts on “A HAPPY MULE”

  1. Bron

    I am not sure of the tune you are describing but I can tell you that had I had lived during the Civil War Era, I would have been a dyed-in-the-wool Rebel. Not because of slavery, but because of the States Rights issue. My all-time favorite music comes from that era; both from the Confederacy and the Union.

    Kingdom Coming (The Year of Jubilo)
    Vacant Chair
    The Battle Cry of Freedom
    The Bonnie Blue Flag
    Marching Through Georgia
    The Battle Hymn of the Republic
    I’m a Good Ol’ Rebel
    All of the Fife and Drum Music; Drums of War; Quick Steps, Marches
    Southern Soldier Boy
    Lorena, (one of the finest)
    Somebody’s Darlin’
    Yellow Rose of Texas

  2. FFLEO:

    that one tune sounded like Dixie, is this a backdoor into southern orthadoxy?

  3. Mespo,

    Cute pic; daughter or niece?

    Former Federal LEO,

    Thanks for the link; my folks are going to freak when I show them seeing I’ve never had a picture to link to their saying “Hiya kids, hiya hiya” ever since I confessed my loyalty to the order of frogs.


    Impressive, most impressive. But you don’t know the power of the NYCPLR. And I have no idea how you put together the frog/Aquarius montage so quickly, but as soon as I can convert portions of dvd I made into a few .avi files… to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, we’ll “get down to brass tacks and find out just how much for that ape.”



  4. Everyone I know who has met a number of mules speak very highly of them. Muleskinners, I haven’t heard so much about one way or another.

  5. Bob, Esq.

    Are you old enough to remember the 1950s Buster Brown Show with Froggy the Grimlin? I used to watch it every Saturday on the first TV by parents bought in the early 50s (snowy reception with tin foil wrapped around the rabbit ears antennae and a black and white screen)

    “Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggy!”

    “Hiya kids, hiya hiya.”

    The smilin’ li’l rascal Froggie @


  6. “Where are the happy frogs?”

    They can be found regaling here just for you Bob, Esq. enjoy!

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