Professors Smith and Wessen: South Carolina Student Arrested After Discharging Gun in Class

m_image11fd101b4ff9388fad070e9979South Carolina police have arrested a 18-year-old student of York Technical College after his gun discharged in a classroom. The case of Jeremy Moffett will likely be cited by those opposing calls for allowing students and faculty to carry guns on campus after the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Police report that Moffett’s .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun fell from his pocket and discharged during class — an accident that could have easily wounded or kill a student or teacher.

However, some media reports state that Moffett changed his story to say that he was actually holding the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger.

He has been charged with carrying a weapon on school property, carrying a pistol unlawfully and discharging a firearm within city limits.

Oh yea, he also has been suspended from school.

The story might be cited by supporters ofProfessor Paula Anderson of Central Connecticut States University who called police on her student John Wahlberg after he spoke in class in favor of arming students and teachers.

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26 thoughts on “Professors Smith and Wessen: South Carolina Student Arrested After Discharging Gun in Class”

  1. Your right. It is totally off topic. Doctors who wish to deny
    treatment to women who don’t want to be mother’s has nothing to
    do with cowards who can’t face the world without a weapon.

    No doubt, these individuals would feel ill used to explan why
    they need to carry on campus or why they need a pistol that holds
    twenty rounds. Is it poor marksmanship or a talent for making
    enemies? Sounds like something is missing like church attendance, living in community, team work, purpose, building a life.

    Just my thoughts. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

  2. Second ammendment…neat concept. Interesting that this increasingly socializing Federal Government would make laws against the right to bear arms(just like all the other rights it legislates away…aka freedom of speech, religion, etc.). The liberal media fills our minds with all this discrimination, racism, and civil rights garbage every day, and the government tries to “make us tolerant.” Hey…the “minorities” that are discriminated against can say whatever they want, just like the majority can, and the Federal government cannot say anything either way. Pardon my rabbit trail. Anyway, why do we have gun bans in schools? Why must a gun be hidden in a glove compartment at all times and never exposed even in self defense? Of course it’s for our safety, right? WRONG! It is because the liberals in the Federal government know they are out of their constitutional bounds, and if they make too many drastic downhill changes, they are afraid that American citizens will overpower their weaponry. How does a liberal government push its agenda? First it bans weapon use, second it bans weapons in public places, and finally it runs “contests” to see which city can make the biggest gun pile(for disassembly of the guns). It worked well in places like Australia. After this process is complete, the government can easily herd society like cattle, and kill us whenever they feel like it–And the government does not meet any resistance! Do not believe any of the lies that guns are inherently bad…it is all agenda-pushing propaganda. Remember, a gun in and of itself cannot kill anyone, but a person with motive certainly can. Murderers are criminals, not the guns. By banning guns in places, the federal governments acts as though everyone is a murderer. Logically, knowing that anyone in a room may have a gun, most would-be murderers would choose not to risk their lives. The CONSTITUTION needs to be our federal government. Come on, America…open your eyes! Lets vote all of these liberals out of office. If we dont get rid of them first, they will get rid of us…except in a much more painful, lethal way.

  3. I am completely with you on this Mike.

    I really don’t see how Jeremy is a victim, I honestly don’t.

    Well maybe he is a victim of his own stupidity?

  4. I am completely with you on this Mike.

    I really don’t see how Jeremy is a victim, I honestly don’t.

    Well mayb

  5. To Jeremy’s friends. If someone was shot accidentally because of Jeremy wrongly bringing a gun to class what more of the whole story would I need to know? I don’t care how smart and/or funny a person he is, in this instance he behaved stupidly and deserves all the put downs that can be laid on him and an appropriate punishment. If he’s feeling victimized by this publicity it only underlines how ignorant he is, no matter how smart he thinks he is.

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