Christian Recruiters Target Religious Rabbits in Race for Inter-Species Faithful

cute_04Recently, we saw the growing fight over canine Christians as religious organizations fight to augment their ranks with recruitment of other species.

The inter-species move may reflect recent polls showing a sharp increase in Americans who say that they are not part of any religion.

Given the known violent propensities of this species, the effort to recruit religious rabbits may alarm some citizens.

It is not simply a matter of Baptist Bunnies hopping into Sunday services. The move sparks a race for the rabbits with different faiths claiming particular breeds, struggling over American Fuzzy Lops and American Sables.

charley-prayingThe Britannia Petite and Sussex rabbits has been claimed by the Anglicans.

The Florida White is an Evangelical breed.

The Californian Rabbit is strictly New Age.

The German Grey is a protestant stronghold.

The Siberian Rabbit is known Russian Orthodox. pippin-counting

As herbivores, the Hindu faith may hold a certain appeal for the mammals.

[Kudos to Patty C for the three additional pictures of observant bunnies]

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