354x200_st_patrickOn behalf of the Turley Clan in the States and Ireland, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

We intend to celebrate with our best corned beef and cabbage dinner. I can report that, while there was great alarm recently when the end of the rainbow was conclusively found to be missing a pot of gold, my kids found all of the pieces of gold in our annual treasure hunt in the back yard (The Leprechauns appears to favor the new dollar coins featuring John Quincy Adams, who bears a striking Leprechaun appearance).

It is not clear how President Obama (who is roughly three percent Irish) will celebrate, but I will note that if St. Patty could get the snakes out of Ireland, President Obama should be able to get the AIG bonuses out of the federal budget.

I leave you with this inspiring picture of how this day unites all species.st-patricks-day-dog1

25 thoughts on “HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!!”

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  2. Is noone going to mention that corned beef with cabbage isn’t even really an Irish dish?

    When the Irish emmigrated to America they settled in the Jewish slums and corned beef was one of the cheapest meats in the Jewish delis. Cabbage was close to free as well so it became the compliment to the corned beef.

    All in all, it’s a thouroughly “American-Irish” food.

    Ah well.

  3. Patty C:

    Forgive the grammatical stumble. It should be “that was a colossal waste of thyme.” Don’t know what came over me.

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