English Refuse Asylum Plea and Deport Man to Sudan Where He Is Promptly Killed

125px-flag_of_sudansvgEngland flagAdam Osman Mohammed, 32, insisted that if England denied his asylum application and sent him to Sudan, he would be killed. He can now say I told you so, except for the fact that he was promptly killed upon his arrival to his village in south Darfur.

The Home Office is moving to remove and deport Sudanese asylum-seekers — as many as 3,000 next month.

Mohammed was a non-Arab Darfuri who fled his village after it was raided twice by the Janjaweed, the ethnic Arab militia. He witnessed the massacre of non-Arab before fleeing to Britain.

Mohamed Elzaki Obubeker, Mr Mohammed’s cousin and chairman of the Darfur Union in the UK, said: “The government security forces had followed him to another village, Calgoo, where his wife and child had sought help. They came to the village to find him and then targeted him. They shot him in front of his wife and son.”

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One thought on “English Refuse Asylum Plea and Deport Man to Sudan Where He Is Promptly Killed”

  1. Fucking depressing. Is there a necessity defense to breaking the immigration laws in the U.K. or the States. I guess the application for asylum would pretty much claim the same elements of a necessity defense. Never mind.

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