Vatican Defends Pope’s Attack on the Use of Condoms As Increasing the Dangers of AIDS

popeThe Vatican has refused to moderate or withdraw the controversial statement of Pope Benedict in a trip to Africa that condoms only “increase the problem” of AIDS. The anti-condom stance outraged Kevin De Cock, director of the World Health Organisation’s HIV/AIDS department, who noted that there is no evidence that condoms increase the rate of AIDs and that many studies show that it is an effective protection against the disease. People like De Cock have been struggling against a disinclination in Africa to wear condoms.

Belgian Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx was equally strong, noting that the pope’s comments “… reflect a dangerous doctrinaire vision. His declarations could demolish years of prevention and education and endanger many human lives.” Other countries have expressed “concern” over the statements.

In another story this week, it appears that the HIV inflection rate in Washington, D.C. is now higher than West Africa.

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10 thoughts on “Vatican Defends Pope’s Attack on the Use of Condoms As Increasing the Dangers of AIDS”

  1. Max:
    What are you basing your statement on? All I have read indicates the contrary.

  2. Most “Catholic” countries, including Italy, don’t listen to half of the Pope’s pronouncements, so I doubt this one will be any different.

  3. This makes about as much sense as the late John Paul II’s stance on condom use as–what was it?–“perhaps an affront to the dignity of women”? That is to say, none.

  4. Interestingly, Yahya Jammeh claimed no one should worry about AIDs because he had the herbal “cure” for it. For the pope, the sun revolves around the earth, and as sheba and rafflaw point out, the common people are the ones to suffer from the pope’s personal view of science. There has to be a higher religious value than promoting unprotected sex (which is what happenes to married women under pope law). There has to be a higher value placed on human life than church doctine which is really all about church power. This is hatred of women, hatred of lesbian and gay people, and hatred of human sexuality in general. Even if one thinks each of these things is evil, there is a greater evil to prevent– the suffering that AIDs brings to human beings. The pope is morally bankrupt. I don’t think he should be listened to in medical or spiritual matters as he knows nothing of either.

  5. Since when did we start listening to the Pope on health matters. He should stick to his religious duties and leave the real work to the doctors and scientists who actually have a clue.

  6. Another example of ideology taking precedence over common sense. Such priorities never end well, whether in politics or religion, and common ordinary people are always the ones who pay for the ideological “purity” of the elites.

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