Scruffy’s Revenge: New York City Teen Faces 25 Years in Cat Burning

amd_scruffy_catAngelo Monderoy, 18, and Matthew Cooper, 17, are looking at serious time for the horrific act of burning a cat named Scruffy with lighter fluid. The potential twenty-five year sentence is a rarity since most such cases fall under relatively light criminal penalties, but the property counts appear to have magnified the sentence.

The teens allegedly broke into a vacant apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., and proceeded to burn the cat. The resulting fire caught parts of the building on fire (which was partially occupied). The cat had to be put down and the ASPCA offered a reward for the culprits.

They are charged with second-degree arson, second-degree burglary and aggravated animal cruelty. Cooper also faces charges in another case (involving the same building) when he allegedly broke in and beat a sleeping tenant with a cane while they demanded money.

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9 thoughts on “Scruffy’s Revenge: New York City Teen Faces 25 Years in Cat Burning”

  1. I remember reading this story on the news and crying, and my cat, a rescued stray hopping into my lap and licking my hands and face wondering why I was so upset. Look, I know a lot of you out there aren’t cat people and don’t get it, but this cat was not only a cat, but at one year old, a child. He probably strolled right over to them thinking “wow, a new playmate!” And was left horribly burned, crippled and crying. I only hope little Scruffy knew some peace and human kindness before he died, and that someone will DO something about this.

    I know a lot of you aren’t cat people, but anyone who could so something like this is SICK. If you are someone who does things like this, please put the computer away and do the world a favor and kill yourself. ASAP

  2. those assholes should be in jail for the rest of there lives and get stabbed and shot and get burned

  3. Really? You would want to burn to stupid kids to death for this? That’s almost as fucking stupid as what the kids did.

  4. I would have absolutely no problem with these sub-human creatures being given exactly the same treatment they gave an innocent animal, hopefully with the same results.

  5. God willing, the courts will accept no deals, give the maximum sentence allowable on each count, and make all sentences consecutive. These little sh*ts obviously have no regard for human or animal. They don’t need to be on the streets anytime soon.

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