Afghanistan Legalizes Rape and Obligates Women “To Preen” for Their Husbands

158px-flag_of_afghanistansvgFor years, there has been growing discomfort over the loss of American lives and treasure in Afghanistan while the government moves increasingly toward a Taliban-like legal system that rejects most of the rights that we consider fundamental for all humanity. Those concerns have been magnified this week with a new Afghan law that makes it legal for men to rape their wives. Under the law, a woman “is bound to preen for her husband as and when he desires.”

President Hamid Karzai signed the legislation that says: “As long as the husband is not traveling, he has the right to have sexual intercourse with his wife every fourth night,” Article 132 of the law says. “Unless the wife is ill or has any kind of illness that intercourse could aggravate, the wife is bound to give a positive response to the sexual desires of her husband.”

The law allows for the raping of wives in a country where women already face tremendous abuse, including widespread incidents of rape. So, we are now sacrificing to preserve a medieval system where women are treated as chattel and subject to discretionary rape.

In another demonstration of how ridiculous this legal system has become, laws are passed only to govern parts of the populace. This law governs the Shiite community, which makes up about 20 percent of this country of 30 million people, but not Afghan Sunnis.

One of the drafters of the legislation, Sayed Hossain Alemi Balkhi, a Shiite lawmaker, insists that women have more rights in Afghanistan than in Britain or the United States. Sure, that is why the National Organization of Woman is relocating to Kabul — it is a female wonderland of rights and recognition. Nevertheless, he insisted that the law makes women safer by ensuring that the husband is obliged to provide for his wife — after raping them that is.

It is good that we are passing out viagra to the local warlords.

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  1. i have been reading many site lately
    and it seems like a lot of comments
    are made be people who do not think they just expose what the media says
    there were mistakes and we have to decide do we try and show the other countries what can be done or should we just bloe them off the face of this earth you cant have it both ways
    you wanted change with the new adm. but read the white house web page all you see is well the other adm. did and were wrong that adm. is over do something or shut up.
    the countries we are involve with have had years of nothing but hate the did attack us and they would kill every us citizen they could they could care less man women child we have to either convert them and educate them to become human or we have to destroy them i would like them to be changed but if necessary
    destroy them when they do something dispickable we need to act
    when they learn we reward. but no pandering or apoligising.

  2. LindyLou:

    “If men in Afghanistan are such terrible lovers that they have to legislate love, or a pretense at love, do you really think it’s Hillary’s job to fix THAT?!!!!”

    Well maybe, she certainly got Bill’s libido up!

  3. Hasshole,

    If men in Afghanistan are such terrible lovers that they have to legislate love, or a pretense at love, do you really think it’s Hillary’s job to fix THAT?!!!!

  4. Funny how our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, didn’t see this coming.

    I guess Hillary is not doing her job.

  5. I was going to say something about these sharia laws destroying any possible joy in life, even the joy of being sincerely loved. Mike Spindell, you covered that beautifully.

    I missed Wab, but here’s a little tidbit for you if you dare. This is extremely explicit. Ursula Drucker performing an a cappella version of her “What a Woman Must do.”

    Wab, can you handle a few minutes of real honesty? I hope this link works.

  6. First we have WAB spreading a little nonsense and then we hear from the latest troll named Friday. Hopefully Mike S’s response has dispatched him/her from this site. What is the reasoning for someone to disparage people and their families that he/she doesn’t even know?
    Seamus, I have to look into this “preening” thing!

  7. Friday,
    I fail to see how this is relevant to anything preceding it on the thread. How much did you make for this bit of trollery?
    More important what point are you making? I take from your context that you are a Bush supporter. In which case you followed an alcoholic, draft dodger, who lied to the extent that he has literally murdered more than 4,000 of our brave troops, put money into the pockets of war profiteers who build showers that electrocute soldiers, lowered the benefits that returning soldiers receive and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Your support puts blood on your hands. You are not a patriot. You are anti-American and probably have treason on your mind since you supported people who committed it. Now what were you saying about numbers?

  8. Whoolie,
    That is the sign of someone who doesn’t proofread his stuff. My cursor has a funny habit of jumping upwards as I type. Since I’m not looking at the screen mostly, when a jump happens sometimes I miss it. “Bitasedter” was actually supposed to precede irony as bitter, but the “ased” from based a few sentences below skipped up after bit and so you have “bitasedter” irony. Unfortunately, I forget to proofread a lot and I presume my writing a second comment to explain the error in the first comment is tedious for people, so I let it pass and depend on peoples good will to realize I goofed.

    However, if you don’t like that explanation perhaps I was using the Yiddush “bitasedter” which means “bitter beyond belief and lost track of the language switch. Of course if you believe that, then I can make you a great deal on a bridge going from Manhattan to Brooklyn….real cheap….honestly.


  9. I could be wrong and often am, but I’ve a hunch WAB has shot his load, prematurely of course.

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