Can You Hear Me Now? Texas Police Officer Breaks Nose of Deaf Man Who Did Not Follow Orders

0408stop_0019-t240A Fort Worth, Texas police officer broke the nose of a deaf man when he failed to heed warnings at a routine traffic stop. As shown in the video below, Christopher Ferrell, 43, was reaching for his card explaining that he was deaf when Officer J.A. Miller slammed him into his car.

Miller said that Ferrell might have been reaching for a gun. Miller was suspended for two days and the city has now agreed to $50,000 to Ferrell.

Hearing impaired people seem to increasingly be the subject of mistaken police action as in the recent case out of Wichita.

For the full story and video, click here.

6 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now? Texas Police Officer Breaks Nose of Deaf Man Who Did Not Follow Orders”

  1. “Does anything worthwhile happen in Texas?”

    Wiilie Nelson, Austin and San Antonio. All the rest is cowboy myth-laden wasteland, fueled by wealth, greed and religious hypocrisy.

  2. Does anything worthwhile happen in Texas? Are there any good police officers and judges left in Texas? I guess we should feel lucky that he didn’t taser the hearing impaired individual. Yikes! Maybe we need warning signs put up at the borders leading into Texas to warn people traveling into that sesspool of justice.

  3. This just makes my heart go pitter patter. So we now have a person on call that can sign for the officer. Wow, do you think that the next person just maybe dead before the person covered under the ADA is able to communicate with the officer that they are deaf?

    Makes me want to scream and not with Joy, unless she is screaming with me.

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