No Briefs, No Ruling: Law Student Strips in Protest of Ruling on Sale of Leavened Bread

180px-fd_1Religious yeshiva student Aryeh Yerushalmi had a novel way of protesting a decision of an Israeli court to allow the sale of leavened grain products. The Court ruled last year that the Israeli law only prohibits the sale of hametz (bread and leavened grain products) in public on Passover. By ruling that stores are closed spaces and not public in that sense, the court loosened up the law. Yerushalmi decided, therefore, to strip in a supermarket in Tel Aviv since it cannot be viewed as “public indecency.”

Yerushalmi, 28, did wear a sock over a certain part of his anatomy for decency in his legal/religious protest and dressed after police appeared.

Israel continues to impose Jewish rules on the entire population and does not have a separation of temple and state. The 1986 Hametz Law forbids the sale of bread products in a “public” area on Passover, but as not enforced until 2008 when four stores were prosecuted. Judge Tamar Ben-Tzaban adopted a narrow interpretation to protect the right of stores to sell the products so long as they do not do so outside of the store “in public.” If the inside of the store is not public for the sale of leavened bread, Yerushalmi figured that it is not public for the purpose of indecency.

The court clearly was not won over by the legal argument and sentenced Yerushalmi to a week of home confinement, where he can practice further advocacy in various states of dress.

This, I suppose, is why courts insist that legal argument appear in briefs.

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2 thoughts on “No Briefs, No Ruling: Law Student Strips in Protest of Ruling on Sale of Leavened Bread”

  1. Considering that for each store to be certifiably Kosher for Passover a Rabbi’s concurrence is needed, then there is no need for a law forbidding the sale anywhere in Israel. Those who do not allow hametz in their homes, or to touch their persons would simply only patronize places where it is not present. In th US this is quite clearly the case an observant Jews have no problem following the dictates of their conciences. Israel, like the rest of the planet has to deal with the encroachment on the law by fundamentalists who are trying to wield power, rather than live by religious principles.

  2. I guess we have no “short”age in bread.

    Per chance could this cause an increase in Yeast infections?

    But to be Brief about this I guess he put a sock on it. Better to leave somethings to the imagination or could this shortage of briefs cause and increase in the rising cost of a member in his class.

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