Saudi Court Upholds Marriage of 47-Year-Old Man to 8-Year-Old Girl — Barring Divorce

Saudi Arabia flagA Saudi court has ruled that the marriage 47-year-old man to an 8-year-old girl — upholding the controversial decision in December. Sheikh Habib Al-Habib rejected the mother’s effort to secure a divorce for her child.

Since the mother is separated from the girl’s father, the court ruled that she is not a legal guardian who can seek such a divorce. The father arranged the marriage to settle his debts and insists that the girl’s husband promised not to consummate the marriage under the girl reaches puberty. That could be as early as nine years old.

Recently, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia endorsed marriages of girls as young as 10.

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44 thoughts on “Saudi Court Upholds Marriage of 47-Year-Old Man to 8-Year-Old Girl — Barring Divorce”

  1. @buddha, what do you think about your ‘boy’ Obama now? He’s as bad as Bush ever was.

    @Doc, sorry shitbag, 14 years old is COMPLETELY different than 8 years old, don’t even go there. Yes america is MUCH better, for one thing, people aren’t legally allowed to sell their 8 year old daughters to 47 year old men for money. Women have some rights over their children above the age of 7 (sharia law, after 7 the father rules all kids).

  2. Where I come from, it is called child molestation, and there is substantial jail time associated with doing it.

    Since when does any true religion support this treatment of a young girl or boy. Sounds like a bunch of horny arabs who couldn’t close the deal, so they use their ” religion ” to justify the rape and abuse of these children.

    This whole business is about as sick as one can get and there is no god that would condone this crap.

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