Model Teacher: High School Coach Fired for Posing for Playboy

genthumbWe have another teacher fired for her private lifestyle and activities. Carlie Beck was fired from her job as cheerleading coach at Casa Roble High School in the San Juan Unified School District after she posed nude for Playboy under the name Carlie Christine.

The important point here is that this is a perfectly legal activity. Yet, because school officials and parents do not approve of of a teacher’s private activities, she was fired. Beck says that she was honest about her modeling career when asked during her interview. Notably, the pictures were raised by a mother who was allegedly ticked off when her daughter was barred from the cheerleading team due to her unexcused absences.

Increasingly, teachers, police officers, and other public employees are being fired for their work or lifestyles outside of work. It raises serious privacy and constitutional issues, here and here and here and here.

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24 thoughts on “Model Teacher: High School Coach Fired for Posing for Playboy”

  1. This is a legal question – If the photo was meant for Playboy website is this a public act or persoal?

  2. Wow! Awful. I would have her on our show any day of the week! Truly sad that people would judge you for something you did before! Besides, Playboy is an artistic Magazine that makes celebrities of honest working women!!

  3. Except that there’s this thing called the internet Merrill. And while no, morals shouldn’t be taught by teachers, they shouldn’t be corrupted either. They should be neutral. Maybe it’s just me, but in my opinion that would be teaching morals- or the opposite, depending on the viewpoint. The alternative would be allowing all the parents to know, thereby allowing them to tell their student that they don’t support those values of that teacher, but that the students still need to respect and learn from her. That way, morality could be kept neutral. But the question the school has to ask is would that degrade the teachers rep to such a point that she no longer bears any credibility?

  4. I come from a school that had a playboy centerfold graduate from it…

    Um Your point. Listen instead of worrying about How this lady posing for playboy is ruining a public High School’s prestige, maybe we should actually worry about educating our children properly so they can tell you what the capital of Alaska is.

    She did nothing wrong, or illegal and Teachers should not be held to the job of teaching little lucy her morals for the day. That is the parent’s job. And how were these pictures seen by the daughter (Which they were) when Playboy makes you PAY for a subscription to their site.

    Sounds like the ones with bad morals are the parents of the girl who should have attend school more instead of skipping and getting those unexcused absences…

    I’m just saying.

  5. ok… so we have a teacher who posed nude for playboy. Some guys were definitely gonna see that (we all know a bunch read the mag, even in middle or elementary school, although the number gets smaller). Do you really want that first of all associated with your school- it’s a school for party not education. The news would be that a teacher is a playboy model. Doesn’t make you high on the academics listing does it? Also, if enough parents don’t want it, maybe it’s wrong. But at least it’s consistent. Teachers can get fired for any sort of outside the classroom activities, and I can prove that. Supporting their values and publishing articles against the principal’s are examples. So at least we’re being consistent here…

  6. Hilarious. This women is paid to teach girls how to properly jump up in the air in mini skirts, do the splits, and flash the crowds with their underwear. We pretend this is “cheerleading” and not some blatent sexualized reenforcement of sexual roles.

    Cheerleading? That was what Bush did at Yale with a megaphone and a v-neck sweater when he was too much of a lush to make the baseball team like his old man.

    I as far as I can tell, posing in Playboy should be a prerequisite for being a cheerleading coach. It shows a level of honesty which is clearly missing from those who hired her in the first place.

  7. The issue for me is that this is a slippery slope. Another teacher was fired form a public school for having a live-in boyfriend because she lived on school-owned property. There are plenty of teachers that smoke. This is certainly not being a good role model either, but I would not want a teacher fired over it.

    Posing in Playboy is pretty tame compared to some behaviors. If she had posed in an Cheerleader outfit or on any school grounds I can see more of a case for her being fired. If posing for Playboy is grounds for being fired, then any teacher that reads Playboy or other magazine containing should be fired. Prostitutes are arrested tens times as much as the Johns are. This is another case of unequal morality standards applied to women.

  8. Sounds like a pretty hollow argument, Steve. Posing in Playboy is a legitimate legal method of making money. Are you saying because she sells pictures of her naked form that she is obviously destined for some illegal path of money making? I can only assume that you’re trying to lead us to believe that she will commit some sort of sex crime with students for money, since you didn’t elaborate. I find that to be quite a leap. Also, this lady is a cheerleading coach, not a teacher, so do we really need her to be able to split the atom? I’m not saying cheerleading is easy or simple (full disclosure: I cheerleaded during my first two years of undergrad for basketball), but I think that her level of intelligence is nothing more than a straw man, which ignores the fact that her basic rights were violated. People are entitled to seek legal employment as supplements to their income.

  9. I think shes a ditzmo looking for money…and if she would do that who knows what she would do around a group of kids.Better to let her go than risk it. I watched her interview and she doesnt sound all that bright.

  10. And to think my educational values were merely wasted at a catholic school, more like reform school if I think about it. We had Sister Dana Hefner. Yep Hughs family. Guess someone has to buy the Golden Gates for em.

  11. But she’s just so hot!

    When I was a kid, the secretary of our Jr. High was a former Playboy Playmate. Not only was it incredibly cool as a teenage boy (I was getting into fights just to go to the office, ok! Now you know!), this was the mid 70’s. None of the parents gave a damn and they ALL knew. My next door neighbor even had the issue she was in.

    She was hot too.

    But never once, despite my best efforts and fevered wishes, did I see her naked at school.

    She was also an excellent secretary and a very nice person.

  12. Teacher gets fired, is this Justified? Some place in Ohio this happened.

    “Field trip? Teacher resigns after strip club visit
    She acknowledges taking female students to male show, said parents OK’d”

    and the accompanying link:

  13. Even though she may win in some sort of lawsuit (which I have no idea, I am not a legal professional), they are still depriving her of her means of making a living for the time being. Seriously, to be a school administrator, you have to be an absolutely spineless human being. In all these cases, administrators bowed to public pressure instead of protecting the rights of their employees to supplement their income in a legal way. This is no different than schools teaching “intelligent design,” “creationism,” and other sorts of pseudoscience because some backwoods parent who has no respect for anyone other than themselves throws a fit about it. When are employers going to stand up for the rights of their workers?

  14. Matthew N,

    These type of cases seem appropriate for the ACLU. This beautiful woman broke no laws and given her job as a coach, she obviously takes care of her physical appearance and health.

    I agree that as long as a person does not break established rules or specific clauses in contractual agreements, their private lives must be sacrosanct.

    However, I think that LEOs and others who have the power to deprive citizens of their inalienable rights to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, must be held to a higher standard founded on the oaths of office to which they pledge and they must adhere to high codes of conduct.

  15. I worked for a Teachers Union at one time. The facts are this: One RWR, busted the FAA Union up they lost a lot of clout. Teachers are viewed as a necessary evil for a civilized society. The problem is NO ONE WANT TO PAY THEM and the pay has deteriorated over the years. Some districts keep up, some don’t but it is the teacher or the school district that takes the hit. Especially when education begins at home. Most school districts are high priced baby sitters. They cannot make Johnny do his Homework or read. If the teacher wants to fail Johnny then they have to go to a committee to do so.

    The infection of sports mentality in the classroom is pervasive. No Pass No Play. Ok, every one has to be treated equal. So everybody passes. You think that therein lies the problem?

  16. I wish someone would stand up for these young women (and men if there are who have been victimized like this?). I would think that the teaching unions would do it, but it seems like they have been strangely silent.

  17. Well if you can fire someone for smoking cigarettes in your home and it is upheld by the court system in Michigan then I guess anything else is up for grabs. I amuse myself on this one.

    Hey, if I would have had a Teacher like this, I probably would have gone to school more often. But then again, it was the early 70’s, so probably not.

    I do believe that a movie was made about a high school in California where the Cheerleading Students tried to Run the school.

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