Imam Declares Swine Flu Proof of Koran’s Truth

250px-sow_with_pigletImam Amadia Rachid has declared in Salerno, Italy that the swine flu virus is proof that the Koran is correct in its view of pigs. He noted that “We believe that what is happening shows the truth of our faith.” I still think a good solid Divinity School paper would be more user friendly on establishing the superiority of one’s faith.

He noted that “[t]he Islamic faith doesn’t explain exactly why pigs should be considered unclean animals. But it’s clear that for most theologians, it is precisely to avoid the spread of disease that Islamic tradition tends to keep men away from pigs.”

Of course, this is a shared view with many Jews so it is not clear if this also validates the Jewish faith. It is also not clear which religion can claim the Avian flu as proof of being the one true faith.

Under this analysis, Mad Cow disease was the ultimate proof of the correct Hindi view against eating meat.

It is clear that some religions have a virus credibility gap. There are rumors that Catholics are working on a meat-on-Friday toxin while Mormons are about to release an alcohol-based virus called the Wine Flu.

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17 thoughts on “Imam Declares Swine Flu Proof of Koran’s Truth”

  1. I learned way back when in some biology course that trichinella was not endemic to the middle east in the old testament times.

  2. Jericho,

    Unless you are going to throw rocks at me, I think there are a lot of other folks that like to get stoned.

  3. Anyone beginning a sentence with “We believe” can be stoned to death at once for all I care. Sharia-style!

  4. “We believe that what is happening shows the truth of our faith.”

    That Islam was invented before veterinary antibiotics and refrigeration?

    “A pork chop is my friend.” – Chris Rock

    ‘Nuff said.

  5. PC, I did *not* need that earworm that I have tried to forget since it first came out in ’63.

    12/1963 #4 (if you can believe that!) 10 weeks on the Charts!!

    The Trashmen had the proper moniker…Trash music.

  6. Patty C.,
    Although I’ve never been able to carry a tune, the requests at college for me to sing “Surfin Bird” were never ending. Jt was the only musical performance that I would ever get applauded for.

  7. Well I like my Pork Chops breaded and fried. Ribs smoked and the bacon extra thick, smoked of hickory.

    Just remember the other pigs might be upset and thats why we are having this swine flu. The pig makes a commitment and the chicken makes a contribution. Don’t you see.

  8. In Salerno? ‘Pancettafleunza!’


    Perhaps in the US, the industry would settle on ‘Loin Lung’, JT.

    But then again, I thought everyone heard that ‘Bird’ is The Word…

  9. Is that a panic epidemic or a picnic epidemic?

    Ironically, eating the pigs can’t get you sick at all.

  10. JT: “Mormons are about to release an alcohol-based virus called the Wine Flu.”

    I think the Republicans beat them to it with a variant, the Whine flu. Just sayin’

  11. Never underestimate the ability to pander of the fundamentally religious.

  12. Mormon Wine flu could just be the best comment about this whole panic epidemic so far.

    Kudos to you Sir.

  13. Since the flu was introduced in New York by Catholic grade school students returning from Cancun on spring break, I suspect it also validates the Iman’s views on Catholics, too –or maybe even vacationers. I hope this guy has to room with Jerry Falwell in any post-life locale he ends up in. Hope they also have air conditioning there as well.

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