Journalist Roxana Saberi Released From Jail in Iran

roxana-saberi-2After a sham of a trial, Journalist Roxana Saberi has been released from an Iranian jail after an appeal. She had been convicted on charges of espionage.

She was originally arrested after buying a bottle of wine.

Her appeal lasted five hours — longer than her original trial.

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13 thoughts on “Journalist Roxana Saberi Released From Jail in Iran”

  1. to name changer:

    i wasn’t shouting…i was emphazing because one can not use bold or underline…

    next time, ask first…and if ur the devil’s advoacate…i was common senses’

  2. @ravin:

    Me, grow up? Odd advice mixed in with your abusive ad hominem rant. Did you not notice my point about Devil’s Advocate? Do you understand what it means? Your “shout” doesn’t advance argument – just attempts to close it down. You need anger management therapy.

  3. for one thing she did have vaild press credentials until 2006 and even then vivian schiller of NPR stated the iranians put up with her filing small reports…upon her release they stated she could go back to journalism in Iran in 5 years…so it had nothing to do with her snapping pictures…

    and btw there is all kinds of iranians in america…living and breathing

    GROW UP…one does not hold someone else because of what happened to someone else…EVEN THE HOLY QURAN TEACHES THAT…

    If u want to argue about Abu Graib or Gitmo fine do that but don’t hold others’ hostage because someone else was wronged

    it shows how shallow ur brain is!!!

  4. Just to play Devil’s Advocate:

    She had no valid press pass or press credentials. What would happen to an Iranian in the USA going around snapping photos, making notes and asking questions?

    And as Jill points out, serious questions are raised by Glenn Greenwald, namely:

    “Beginning in 2001, the U.S. held Al Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Haj for six years in Guantanamo with no trial of any kind… … As Kristof noted when al-Haj was finally released in 2007: “there was never any real evidence that Sami was anything but a journalist”.

    Where was the outcry?

  5. ah…iran has an underground movement…u act like i don’t know what goes on in iran…the regime is different than the people…

    roxana didn’t buy any wine or anything like it…that was just a lie

  6. What was this woman doing in a repressive country like Iran, buying alcohol yet?

    The same question applies to the two woman who are now jailed in North Korea?

    The question also applies to the any American who goes to countries like Iran and North Korea?

  7. Yet, the deepest truths are best read between the lines, and, for the most part, refuse to be written.

    Amos Bronson Alcott – Concord Days. June. Goethe.

    “Some truth there was, dash’d and brew’d with lies, pleased the fools, puzzled all the wise.”


  8. Publicity and bad press can work wonders in the world, except here, when the Bush Cheney Crime Family were in office. They were too ignorant and contemptuous of critics to be moved by anything except their own ego and sadism.

  9. Some good doth come. I wonder what we had to give up in order to make this happen?

  10. Has anyone made the connection between Iran’s behavior in the Saberi case and our behavior in dealing supposed terrorists through the use of torture, lack of access to the courts and renditions to secret prisons around the world?

  11. Well one sham trial deserves a sham appeal. I find it all geometric somehow.

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