Locked and Loaded: Man Arrested With 30,000 Bullets Claims To Be Target Enthusiast

300px-Bullets_270_Sierra Keni Garcia in Haverhill, New Hampshire really really love target practice. The native of the Dominican Republic told police that he had 30,0000 bullets to fuel his love for target practice.

Garcia was found with 10,000 bullets in his car and had previously been found to have purchased 20,000 bullets (found in his home).

If you fire a round every thirty seconds without stop, it would take just short of 11 days of non-stop sporting.

He is charged with three counts of possession of a high-capacity firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and illegal storage of a firearm. Garcia was supposed to become a U.S. citizen this week, but that might be difficult with this arrest.

Police found weapons and a huge amount of cash in his home They noted that ammunition for .38-caliber, 9 mm and .22-caliber firearms are “like gold in the Dominican Republic,” he said.
Garcia works at a local bakery. His lawyer, Attorney Socrates de la Cruz of Lawrence, insists that he possessed the guns and ammo legally and noted that there is a 60-day grace period to obtain a Massachusetts firearms card.

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  1. A field level front row box seat at Yankee Stadium cost $2,600 per game. The other major league parks, while not as pricey also are out of my price point. I do my baseball watching on TV and while nothing beats being at the park, I won’t pay that much.

  2. Mark & Roger,
    I am a left winger and voting Democrat who has supported the right to bear arms as a constitutional issue for the last forty years. I’ve made this point over and again at this site through many posts. This is simply because as I read the 2nd amendment it does give that right to people.

    You on the other hand as gun enthusiasts, no doubt NRA
    Members, are really misinformed. This is not a liberal or a conservative issue, but you guys have bought the NRA propaganda that it is. Why does the NRa propagandize against liberals? It does so because despite the dues you pay, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun manufacturers and the defense industry. They get people like you, average Americans who appreciate guns, to vote against your best interests based on one issue. The fundamentalist Christian Right also does the same with its’ anti-abortion, anti-gay positions. They too are owned by corporations, who give them money and let the religious bigwigs buy into good financial deals.

    Because you are so smitten with the propaganda, even though our President has made no statement, nor made any move threatening our 2nd Amendment Rights, you hate him. Ownership of a weapon, as most gun owners would say, requires a sense of knowledge and responsibility regarding its’ handling and usage. My guess is that you both pride yourself as possessing these characteristics. How sad then that you don’t exercise the same judgment as citizens and instead allow yourself to be led around by your noses, by propaganda groups and a party that has sold you out rather than even deliver for you on your major issue.

    The Republicans controlled the Presidency, the Congress and the Supreme court for 6 years and lo and behold nothing was put forward that substantially protected gun enthusiasts, or even anti-Abortion positions. This is because they don’t want these issues to go away. It allows them to con you into thinking they are on your side, when the truth is they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Anti-American corporations and the richest people. GW Bush clearly stated that “The “Haves” and the “Have Mores” were his base. I assume neither of you is in the “haves’ or “Have Mores” camps, so it is a mystery to me as to why you vote against your own best interests.

  3. Mojo-

    Please, call them magazines, you are killing me. Banana “clips” (magazines) are not banned in most states, I have no idea where you picked that up.

    What are your problems with possession of concealable weapons within city limits? Do you not realize that in a majority of states, acquiring a concealed carry permit is a matter of taking a class, getting a background check, and paying a fee? Millions of Americans have these permits and the “wild west/blood in the streets” scenarios simply haven’t happened. Even the head of the Texas chapter of the Brady campaign admitted it after Texas’ concealed carry laws had been in effect for some time. Most who carry legally do so for the same reason they wear seatbelts or have fire extinguishers in their homes – just in case.

  4. I guess my question is, did Jonathan Turley find something wrong with the police in this story, or the green card immigrant?

  5. Well I assume that since JT has this article here, he has some criticism implied.
    In my book, JT is the best jurisprudence commentator in the media, he doesn’t kowtow to anything but consistency and the rule of law.
    As others have mentioned though, there is no law against owning 30K rounds of ammo. Where was the probable cause for the arrest? There just doesn’t seem to be the elements of crime here, he should be released at the preliminary hearing. And the man should be granted the citizenship he worked towards.
    Now they are on a fishing expedition to find evidence to manufacture some nefarious plot. Indict a ham sandwich they will.

  6. An interesting story. If he has modified his clips to hold more rounds than what is legal in his state, then he is in trouble. There are limits to the type of clip one can have in their gun (banana clips come to mind as I think they are banned in most states) and also modification from semi-automatic to automatic weapon firing is also banned.

    But I don’t know that there is any ban regarding the amount of ammunition one can purchase and possess.

    I have a number of problems with possession of concealable firearms within city limits (and theoretically outside city limits doesn’t really seem necessary, either) but based on current gun law I don’t know that he has broken any with regard to possessing “too much ammo”. It’s like saying you have too many soup cans in your cupboard.

    “It’s going to take you weeks to eat all that soup!”


  7. Mark,
    Bush has the position as the worst President in my lifetime(58 years) by a large margin. I know facts aren’t important to you, but as you saw in Buddha’s response, they are important to most of us here.
    One more suggestion to add to Kucinich. I also like Sen. Feingold. He is one of the smartest and most logical people in D.C.

  8. Well sir just wanted to make sure, sometime I make jokes that I think are funny and I forget, people don’t have the same sense of humor. Sad but true.

  9. Mespo72Cubed,

    Nicobarese, thanks. I had never heard of that before. I wikied it and it was very informational.


    If I offended you I apologize.

  10. Now Buddha don’t forget Paul Tsongas.

    “The Tsongas campaign was banking heavily on early success in New Hampshire. Like many of the candidates, Tsongas ignored the 1992 contest in Iowa, which was expected to go overwhelmingly to Iowa’s Senator Tom Harkin. Tsongas hoped that his New England independence and fiscal conservatism from neighboring Massachusetts would appeal to New Hampshirites. He achieved recognition for the bluntness and clarity of his plan, distributing a short book titled A Call to Economic Arms, which focused on such issues as the growing federal deficit. When asked why he didn’t have a tax cut plan like the other candidates, Tsongas famously responded “I’m not Santa Claus.”

    Another good man.

  11. Mark,

    And your point is?

    Bush –

    1) started an illegal war.
    2) violated the Constitution and Federal law by authorizing torture.
    3) violated your civil rights.
    4) started TARP.
    5) oversaw the final dismantling of regulation that started under Reagan which led to TARP being required at all.
    6) has the IQ of a turnip.
    7) let his buddies subvert the military so they could make personal profit instead of taking to task those who really attacked us on 9/11, the Saudis, because Bush-for-Brains was in bed with them financially.

    Yeah, having a guy who can actually string sentences together and think beyond what his handlers feed him is a big step down. You also make the mistake of thinking I’m an Obamabot. He’s a POLITICIAN. By nature it makes him a narcissistic liar. Yeah, I voted for him as a second choice, but the only reason I trust him more than Bush is that he hasn’t committed BLATANT REPEATED FELONIES AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS LIKE BUSH DID. But like him? Not a bit. The only politician I like is Dennis Kucinich. He’s the only one not completely full of sh*t in Washington.

  12. mark . . . is a joke & a doofus who changes his mind on a political wind change.

    He is well on the way to being the worst President this country has ever seen bar none.


    I do not see how in this ever so coveted position, can Bush ever be dethroned?

    You will have to bankrupt the country worse than he did and start more international crises than were ever thought possible. But then again some people thought Charles Whitman was just misunderstood. Maybe you do as well.

  13. buddha,

    Obama is a joke & a doofus who changes his mind on a political wind change. He is well on the way to being the worst President this country has ever seen bar none.

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