Bewitching Protest: Accused Nigerian Child Witches Protest Abuse

180px-lassa_witch_doctorsIn past blogs, we have been keeping track of the horrible fate of children and women in Nigeria and other parts of Africa accused of witchcraft. Belief in witches is common in Africa and shown recently with disclosures about one of Gov. Sarah Palin’s favorite preachers. Now, these children are protesting to try to get the world to pay attention to their plight and to get the government to act.

Christian Eshiett is a case in point of the ignorance and primitive religious beliefs that sustain these cases. His grandfather This grandfather, Eshiett Nelson Eshiett, 76, spoke how he suspected him of being a witch and beat him routinely: “I beat him severely with canes until they broke, yet he never shed a tear. One day, I took a broom to hit him and he started crying. Then I knew he was possessed by demons. … Nigerian witches are terrified of brooms.” The boy had to flee to avoid the beatings.

In just the states of Akwa Ibom and Cross River, there are about 15,000 children branded as witches. Many are beaten, starved and sometimes burned.

One problem is that some African leaders believe in this nonsense and contribute to the problem.

This extremely graphic and disturbing video show one such burning.

The continuation of this widespread abuse shows an obvious failure of the government to sufficiently prosecute the perpetrators and to educate its population.

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13 thoughts on “Bewitching Protest: Accused Nigerian Child Witches Protest Abuse”

  1. You make an interesting point about abortion roger,

    Intellectually I am prepared to accept that a certain number of toddlers will die every year because people have unsecured guns in their home. I haven’t been able to pin down the exact number it would take (per year) for me to reverse my pro gun stance on the second amendment but mathematically I do recognize that there must be an upper limit.

    To juxtapose:
    Why does the “death” of these “children” weigh any heavier than those who die as a result of gun crime that could be prevented through a more thorough enforcement of existing gun laws?

    One is “Big government trying to take your guns” and the other is “Big government telling women what to do with their bodies”. Which one of those sounds more invasive?

  2. Isn’t it about time that The United states of Moral Panic brought back the laws against witchcraft. After all the drug war moral panic appears to be running out of steam and conservatives need a new means of locking up people that they don’t like.

  3. Are you trying to say that this is not me?


    Child you should be ashamed of yourself. You doubt that this is not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sarah Palin was just seeking “common ground” with the Nigerian Doctor – just as Obama is seeking “common ground” over how many babies to murder in the womb before it becomes a political liability for him.

  5. Okay “Not Sarah Palin”, you’re not funny.
    Tina Fey is a funny Sarah Palin, in fact she’s hilarious.

    So please, give it up already.

  6. How dare you, don’t you know I tried to teach my children that abstinence was best. That her Step Dads sister was a Thief, and if you go into politics, you can steal it fair and square. If you are the Governor you can have your exbrother in law fired. How Dare you call me a witch. After all it was not my fault that the GOP restrained me, they caused ME. DID YOU HEAR ME the opportunity to be the First Female President.

  7. has anyone asked mrs. palin for a comment on her protecting herself against witches and the abuse of children being accused of being witches???

    just a thought!!!

  8. Seems to me Sarah Palin was trying to find common ground with the Nigerian. I guess she could have (should have?) rejected his culture and called the Nigerian Doctor out on it, but that is not finding the COMMON GROUND is it.

  9. Well I am one who does not support waterboarding, now Trial by Ordeal, that has a good ring to it. Although the end result was the same. If it was not you, then no one complained. It was effective to reduce the witches in Mass. Heck they even wanted to brand you for sex, just ask Hester, she will tell you.

    Is this correct Buddha? I want to make sure it is proofed before it gets published and others have the ability to read it. The next time it will be in camo-22.

  10. We should waterboard them, then we would know if they were telling the truth or not. It’s how they were able to find all the witches during the inquisition. After all, these techniques wouldn’t have lasted 500 years if they weren’t effective… would they?

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