Locked and Loaded: Man Arrested With 30,000 Bullets Claims To Be Target Enthusiast

300px-Bullets_270_Sierra Keni Garcia in Haverhill, New Hampshire really really love target practice. The native of the Dominican Republic told police that he had 30,0000 bullets to fuel his love for target practice.

Garcia was found with 10,000 bullets in his car and had previously been found to have purchased 20,000 bullets (found in his home).

If you fire a round every thirty seconds without stop, it would take just short of 11 days of non-stop sporting.

He is charged with three counts of possession of a high-capacity firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and illegal storage of a firearm. Garcia was supposed to become a U.S. citizen this week, but that might be difficult with this arrest.

Police found weapons and a huge amount of cash in his home They noted that ammunition for .38-caliber, 9 mm and .22-caliber firearms are “like gold in the Dominican Republic,” he said.
Garcia works at a local bakery. His lawyer, Attorney Socrates de la Cruz of Lawrence, insists that he possessed the guns and ammo legally and noted that there is a 60-day grace period to obtain a Massachusetts firearms card.

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  1. Professional baseball is watched by people with no lives and played by men that learned how to play a children’s game very well for millions.

    Yes you can blow $750 driving 5 hours to a game with the wife & 3 kids, staying the night, then driving back the next day.

    600 miles at 40 cents per mile = $240 alone. Five tickets at $60 each = $300. Room = $100. Food = $100 minimum. Miscellaneous = $60.

    $800 to watch a bunch of doped up men play a children’s game very well for millions of dollars.

    What a waste. Give me & the family a day of shooting anytime.

  2. Roger,

    Well then, take them to court. And did I say anything about legal?

    Obama has done nothing to impact your gun ownership nor has the Federal government. In fact, he specifically DIDN’T enact a ban on assault weapons that those on the left wanted.

    You need to know a few things.

    1) Not every liberal hates the 2nd Amendment.

    2) Not every liberal is a leftist.

    3) The difference between state regulations and Federal regulations.

    You’re coming off as a right wing psycho ranting about “them liberals” again instead of being informed.

  3. I guess that’s just the cost of living in the big cities, eh?
    There’s a baseball stadium a few counties over from us (minor league team) and the cheap tickets are $10, which is what we always get.
    I don’t know what I’ll do when my diaper bag carrying days are over! How else will I be able to sneak in sodas and snacks? Okay, I do manage to sneak in a few beers too, but let’s not go there. And parking is only $6.
    I’ve only been to one major league game and that was when the Braves won the world series back in…1995?

  4. Sally the last time I went out on the town it lasted about 17 days, that was chump change. I don’t do that no more. I had to get a different hobby. But the trip was worth it. We went to 15 different ball games. You figure out the cost. Oh yeah, some of of did enough P-A-R-T-Y-I-N-G for the rest. Someone had to be responsible and it was not me. So I can see how someone cam spend 750 on a game for a family. Tickets, Parking cane be more than 50 of it. Drinks 10 to 12.50 Food 5 dollar hot dogs. Oh yeah.

    I have seats for the Rangers 54.50 a piece.

  5. Who spends $750 at a baseball game?! That’s a HUGE waste of money! At least with ammo, you could resell it to either get your money back or make a profit.

  6. buddha asked “Anyone having a problem getting a gun? Anyone?”

    Yes, states dominated by liberals are passing “permit to purchase” requirements for handguns and other weapons liberals don’t like. This means you have to fill out a 4 page questionaire and the state and county spend 10 to 30 days doing a background check for even misdemeanor traffic tickets or anything else the state thinks is grounds to deny you a permit.

    If you don’t receive the permit, you don’t buy the firearm. Liberals are leaning on the local police officials that conduct the investigations to come up with as many denials as possible.

    These “permit to purchase laws” are probably unconstitutiona but as of yet have not been challenged in court.

    So the answer to your question is YES.

  7. Roger

    You wrote:

    **Funny how people think spending a day getting to a ballgame, sitting through it, then driving hours home isn’t a big deal even when it costs $750 or more for a family, but someone shouldn’t be allowed to shoot up $500 of ammo in a day…**

    seriously. like those are the only choices? a ball game or shooting up $500 in ammo?
    while tickets can cost $50-60 each and maybe $20 to park, i wonder what makes up the balance of your $750. Food? Beer? Uniforms? Pennants? Souvenirs? the beach is still free and so is the park and so is taking a walk and most of all the public library is still free.
    Why not take yourself and your kids to the library. Check out a few books. You can read them and discuss them as a family.

    Last time I checked, no one gets killed or shot accidentally at a ball game.
    Still if you’d rather spend your $$ on ammo then knock yourself out. I’d rather take my family to a ball game.

  8. As a Senator and as President, Barack Obama has consistantly said he believes gun ownership is an individual right. He made that clear relative to the DC gun control issue. I don’t personally agree, but he’s the guy in charge. To my knowledge, no one in Congress has suggested any changes to gun laws. The irrational, unsupported paranoia about gun rights is just another bit of fear mongering from the lunatics at the NRA, racists and right wing pundits.

  9. This is what I find funny about this issue. No law is in place that prevents this man from buying the ammo. People are afraid of Obama and the curtailment of the right to bare arms and were afraid Clinton would do the same. No laws were ever passed that prevented this from happening.

    So now we have the Police, who generally are against ordinary citizens from having guns but are for Republican candidates. Blame the Democratic candidates for Gun, More rights were taken away since Bush was in Office and most people are too lazy or stupid to do anything about it because it does not directly affect them, yet (at this time). When it does, it may be too late.

    One of the things I was most afraid of was Cheney was going to call an act of war and aggression against the US before Obama took office. This my friends would allowed the Commander In Chief to stay in office for another 90 days without congressional approval under the Homeland Security Act and who would be the Leader? Bush and Company.

    Unlike FEMA in which the director would stay in office and take over until he was replaced.

  10. Anyone having a problem getting a gun? Anyone?

    Didn’t think so.

  11. Support Plummets for Restrictions on Gun Rights

    May 15, 2009 8:15AM

    This weekend, more than 50,000 peaceable gun owners are expected to descend upon Phoenix, Arizona to celebrate a unique freedom guaranteed by our Constitution: the right to keep and bear arms. The event is the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association.

    Though some anti-gun rights extremists pretend that gun owners represent a tiny minority, the fact is that there are more than 90 million firearms owners in this country, and lawful gun ownership is the mainstream in America today.

    Four different polls recently point to declining support for gun restrictions as the answer to crime. In October, a Gallup poll found that fewer Americans than ever favor handgun bans, based on Gallup’s 49 year history of polling on the issue. Support fell from a high of 60% in 1959 to a low of less than 30% in 2008. The same trend repeats itself in a question on whether more restrictions are needed on the sales of all firearms, not just handguns.

    In addition, three different media polls taken in April reflect plummeting support for gun control. CNN found support has fallen by double digits to less than 40% while an ABC News-Washington Post poll found that more than 60% support enforcing current laws against criminals rather than passing new laws restricting the rights of law abiding citizens. NBC News and The Wall Street Journal found that support for a ban on rifles has fallen by a third in the last 18 years.

    All of these polls show what peaceable gun owners already know – that support for the Second Amendment is the dominant belief in America today, and the fallacy that restricting the rights of honest citizens will impact crime has been exposed for what it is.

    Those who pretend that gun owners are a tiny minority are the same ones who decry the so-called “gun lobby” as all powerful. If gun owners are really such a tiny minority, then how could the organizations that represent them be so powerful?

    In truth, there really is no “gun lobby.” But there are many millions of individuals who believe deeply in the Second Amendment who have organized themselves into groups like NRA to speak with one resounding voice.

  12. 30,000 rounds isn’t much for several guys with an auto loader, a buddy to load, and three semi automatics out to have a weekend of shooting.

    Funny how people think spending a day getting to a ballgame, sitting through it, then driving hours home isn’t a big deal even when it costs $750 or more for a family, but someone shouldn’t be allowed to shoot up $500 of ammo in a day…


  13. Mr. ed: It isn’t the fear of Obama taking guns away driving sales & prices though the roof, it is the knowledge that they will be outragously taxed.

    Many believe ammo is going to be taxed at 10% or more. At that rate, it makes sense to buy up several years supply. Same with firearms; if taxes mean the price is going up, buy now.

    PS: Firearms sales have doubled and ammo sales have tripled since November. Obama is the next best thing for the gun & ammo industry second only to Bill Clinton.

  14. I can’t figure out what law he broke other than:

    Thou Shalt Not Have More Ammo Than Liberals Think You Should Be Allowed To Own.

  15. Try visiting a gun show, if you can get in. Prices are way up, reloaded ammo exorbitant, all because thousands of paranoids are convinced that Obama’s going to take their penises, er guns, away. Everybody talks with a southern accent, like the first days of CB radio. What a bunch of morons.

  16. If we isolate on the quantity of ammo itself, what is the problem? Ammunition has become scarce since right before the last election so people have been hoarding. Try going to Walmart or any big sporting goods store and buying the popular handgun calibers, they are gone.

    Also, if you are into shooting for recreation, you quickly realize that it’s not a cheap sport. Buying in bulk is one of the few ways to save money. I purchased my first handgun late last year and caught a good sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It gave a substantial savings on a per box basis, but you had to buy a case. That meant 500 rounds. I bought it in a hearbeat. 500 rounds is nothing, you can burn through that in a couple of sessions at a range.

  17. So what is the problem, is the Army needing more ammo as they are not being properly provided?

    That is just enough, just enough.

    As a Texan, Don’t take my tin cup away. I’ll make your day.

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