Guatemalan Attorney Murdered After Predicting His Own Death In Video

defaultFor all of the economic and social pressure of this time, lawyers in the United States still have much to be thankful for. In moments of doubt, they need only consider the plight of lawyers in other countries like Guatemalan lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg, who was killed recently. Rosenburg predicted his own murder in an amazing video (below) after alleging high level corruption in the government.

Guatemala is being torn apart by corruption and murder (the murder rate was 47 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2008). Rosenberg was added to this list on May 10th after he made allegations that corruption extended all the way to the President’s office.

For the video of Rosenburg predicting his own death, click here.

For the full story, click here.

8 thoughts on “Guatemalan Attorney Murdered After Predicting His Own Death In Video”

  1. Buddha:

    I guess I still must have some residual neo-con anti-bodies that cause knee jerk reactions. Old habits die hard and I do still consider myself a conservative, although a wiser one and certainly not a neo-con (if I ever was truly one, Buckly pissed me off years ago and I never bought another National Review and would not to this day).

    What I am saying is that crazy is crazy and that politics has nothing to do with it.
    Can we at least call them neo-con right wing crazies? I know that is a few extra words but it will leave me and FFLEO and other decent conservatives out of the broad spectrum vituperation. What is called for is focused vituperation against legitimate targets.

    I did read the posts and they were very bad (the guys spelling really sucks) he does sound like he is some sort of religious lunatic, which probably means he is a republican, I can only say I am sorry about that.

    And probably Professor Turley should turn that over to the police so they can go talk to the guy, that was definitely over the top and he is probably a wackadoodle aka John Hinkley. Although it could be Bill Kristol or Rich Lowery or even Anne Coulter.

  2. Bron,

    It’s simple. You’re mixing terms again. Yeah, there are left wing crazies too, but there’s a huge difference. Most left wingers won’t go straight to the violence option. Yeah, yeah, you’re going throw Charles back at me, but Manson would be nuts no matter his political identification as is Fromme and Hinckley. Crazy is not a political persuasion. Crazy is crazy. But when the right wing, as defined as ultra or Neocon conservatives in the GOP, naturally attracts the more violent sociopaths and psychopaths it is because of their views on topics ranging from guns to abortion. The GOP pandered to them by encouraging their more insane beliefs for years to make them part of “the base”. If you see right wing attached to crazy more often than left wing attached to crazy, well, there’s your causal connection. It’s a GOP self-inflicted wound. Much like the guy in the gun demonstration thread. Plus, look at military history. I defy you to show me an aggressive expansionist military EVER run by a leftist government. You can’t. ANd don’t come back with the Soviets either. Communism as they practiced it had more in common with fascism than what Marx and Engel actually talked about, especially after Stalin. Violence and endorsing violence, either expressly or tacitly like the GOP has been doing now for years, will naturally attract the most violent people. Look at Wayne as the poster child. When you came in here, you yourself walked into the middle of him wanting to meet me with violence in mind (he wouldn’t have liked the outcome, but that’s beside the point). Like attracts like. When the right started pandering to crazies and fringers, they got what they deserved, which is to be most often associated with crazies and fringers. And when you see these types in the media, it’s usually because they’ve done something violent. When you see a left wing fringer or crazy, they’ve usually done something genius like chain themselves to a tree or burn down subdivisions or Hummers like the ELF.

    Are you still trying to hold on to your Republicanism, desperately hoping that the conservatives once identified as “the right” have not been overrun in the party by true fascists? Real hardcore, Nazi-style bad guys? Despite your personal views shifting more to the liberal end of the spectrum than they had been previously? It could be a minor side effect of the red pills. A kind of political immune response as your internal conflicts resolve below the conscious surface.

    And as far as the guy on the Bio thread, did you read his posts? No. He’s no disappointed Dem. He’s a crazy. A potentially violent crazy too. As far as disappointed Dems go at having some of their own have to pay the piper for aiding and abetting Bush Co’s treasons, they simply need to suck it up and get over it. The rule of law is the rule of law and bad actors from either party should go to prison but go they must to preserve the integrity of our legal system. Ordering torture is simply not allowed and not negotiable. I don’t care if Dems go to prison as long as Dick and his crew go too.

  3. Why is it always right wing crazies? Cant we have some left wing or just plain crazies for a change?

    Lets see, Oswald-Communist
    Charlie Manson-Commune(ist)
    Leon Czolgosz – Anarchist
    Squeaky Fromme – Commune(ist)
    John Hinckley, Jr. – Texan
    Sirhan Sirhan – Palestinian Christian and Baptist and Seventh Day Adventist.
    James Earl Ray – Presumed Democrat
    William Ayers – Democrat?

    I know I’m cherry picking. Just wanted to make the point that there are also left wing and plain crazies too.

    May I also point out that the guy you are talking about may also be someone that does not like the fact that Prof. Turley has caused the democrats to now be 4-square in the middle of all of this and had thought it would be a purely republican scandal.

  4. Buddha:

    “There are some posts on the Bio thread right now that I’d consider a direct threat by an obviously unbalanced individual. Look for the posts by “Jonathan Turley A**HOLE””


    Given “JTisA”‘s intelligence as revealed by his writing style that jerk couldn’t find his way out of his front door without assistance. However your point that right-wing crazies are capable of anything is valid.

  5. Honestly, I’m already concerned for some attorney’s safety from these kind of actors. Namely our host. There are some posts on the Bio thread right now that I’d consider a direct threat by an obviously unbalanced individual. Look for the posts by “Jonathan Turley A**HOLE”.

    He’s a real charmer.

  6. It’s kind of similar to how analysts predict that oil will be $79 a barrel by a certain date. Then, everyone acts surprised that when that date comes up and oil is in fact $79 a barrel.

    Why not make an honest man out of the guy?

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