Police Tase and Kill 16-Year-Old Boy After He Runs From Traffic Stop

art.mugThere is another controversy over police tasers leading to a death. Robert Mitchell, 16, died after being hit with a 50,000 volt taser shock after he ran from a traffic stop and allegedly resisted arrest. Mitchell had a learning disability and according to his family was merely scared.

Mitchell was killed on April 10th. His cousin, Chris Davis, was pulled over over an expired license plate when Mitchell ran into an abandoned house a couple blocks away. The police have cleared the officers and said that it was an appropriate use of the taser.

His family is pursuing a lawsuit against the police department.

We have seen a slew of such injurious or fatal uses of tasers recently, here and here and here.

For the full story, click here and here.

47 thoughts on “Police Tase and Kill 16-Year-Old Boy After He Runs From Traffic Stop”

  1. Chris,
    You are insane if you think you have to be guilty to be tazered. Do you even know what a tazer is? They tazer you when you don’t do exactly what they want you to do, or when you don’t move fast enough or to just show you that they are in charge and can do whatever they want.

    Most deaths occure after the person has been running and has an elevated heart rate.

    I believe all cops involved in a tazering should be drugged tested.

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  3. They had every right to tase him after he was resisting arrest. Not to mention he was also running away from police officers, they had every right tase anyone if someone is resisting arrest or running from them. No offcier should be put at blame they are just doing their job. Don’t run or resist arrest next time.

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