Wikipedia Blocks Edits by Church of Scientology

488px-scientology_symbolsvg100px-Wikipedia-logo-en-bigScientology may believe that they can achieve control of time and space, but they are being denied control over Wikipedia entries. Wikipedia has blocked edits from Scientology computers due to a history of what it says are deceptive and abusive edits. They also banned individual Scientologists.

Scientology has always been very active on the Internet in monitoring and sometimes suing sites. The move, however, is unlikely to stop a campaign by the Church to tailor stories and entries. As many of us have learned in trying to reduce trolls, abusive contributors simply adopt new IP addresses and continue their submissions.

Notably, this is the fourth Wikipedia arbitration case concerning Scientology in recent years.

In the meantime, the Church stands at risk of a ban from France in the latest allegation of fraud and cult activities by European countries.

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18 thoughts on “Wikipedia Blocks Edits by Church of Scientology”

  1. I’d like to know how Wikipedia plans to enact this ban on individual Scientologists’ making edits to the on-line encyclopedia’s entry on Scientology. There are thousands of adherents to the philosophy, the overwhelming majority of whom are completely unknown. Do they plan to shut out any edits to the entry at all?

    This just highlights the problems inherent in any open source reference material.

  2. From Slashdot: Scientology leader (CEO and Chairman of the Board of the linked, but legally separate, Religious Technology Center) David Miscavige calls the ban “a ‘despicable hate crime,’ and asks, ‘What’s next, will Scientologists have to wear yellow, six-pointed stars on our clothing?’ During World War II, Hitler forced Jewish men, women and children to wear a a yellow cloth star bearing the word Jude to brand them in the streets of Europe, and in the Nazi death camps.”

    Oh please. Apples meet oranges. Oranges meet apple.

    Dave, Dave, Dave . . . that’s just desperate grasping at a straw man and a blatant attempt at false correlation. Did I mention it was annoyingly self-serving and incredibly disrespectful of those who lost their lives in the Nazi camps to compare them to those who’ve bought into L. Ron’s Ponzi Scheme for Xenu? Listen, Scientology, the only reason you haven’t faced RICO charges yet in this country is lobbyist graft and spineless prosecutors. That’s the benefit of fleecing people, you have lots of money to throw at weak minded politicians.

    But you really need to keep the victims of the Holocaust out of it. Not only stupid on your part, but tasteless as well. If your statement was meant to garner sympathy, it was a miserable failure, Dave. It made you look like a total douche bag. Have a nice day.

  3. To speak ill of Tom Cruise and John Travolta is just…………so wrong. Scientology cured them both of potential intelligence and all the dangers that brings.

  4. Xenu is not amused. O.K., the whole “Katie Holmes as the Beard” thing was kind of funny. End communication.

  5. Oh Jill,

    You are kissing up, I don’t think you are ready for the Galactic Confederacy Enterprise.

    They may be able to Beam you, but I’ll still take my Crown (Royal) straight.

  6. This just in!

    Variety reports that internet sensation seamus has been signed to play Xenu in “Wiki This!”, the much anticipated sequel to this summer’s big hit “Xenu vs. the Wiki”. Although a commercial success, XvW was widely panned by critics for not actually including Xenu in the cast. When asked to comment on landing the plum role, Mr. seamus responded with, “You kids get the Hell off my lawn!” before muttering a stream of nearly incomprehensibly vile profanity and claims that he was not amused. When Variety asked Mr. seamus’ agent about the bizarre behavior, he explained we ran across the actor deep in character. Apparently there is a lot for Xenu to be unamused by in “Wiki This!”

  7. The “wall of sound” replace by the “wall of cell.”

  8. Well I am gonna go to a Rangers Game this evening. Free tickets 1 baseline. So why not.

    I read this this morning and thought about you for some reason.

    ATF Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Who’s bringing the Chips.

    Don’t wake the cats when they read your paper.

  9. Saturday morning coffee, cruising the net, laundry and enjoying reading about Zack Greinke, pitcher for the Royals.

    Big excitement.

    I can barely keep the cats awake for it.

  10. Thrills! Action! Suspense!

    From the studio that brought you “Mars Needs A Makeover” and “Aliens Ate My Buick” – It’s . . .

    Xenu vs. the Wiki

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    The Late Issac Hayes as The Late L. Ron Hubbard
    Katie Holmes as “The Beard”

    Coming soon to a theater near you!

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